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Butterfly Wonderland, Phoenix Arizona USA

Daily Inspired Life  is an e-magazine filled with stories that will inspire you to escape a life of just existing day-by-day.  Be taken into a world where everyday life is filled with meaning, and the stories of everyday people really matter.

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Our real, true stories shared (not the ones the media feeds us) have a power to build bridges across voids between generations, cultures and class.  

Stories help us to connect with and understand ourselves and each other.  Stories help us feel. They inspire us to question our own existence, and if we allow, they inspire us to create a life filled with meaning and purpose; a life that we truly desire.

Stories give a voice to the unheard and misunderstood, they teach us the reason why we do things and the reason why someone else does something that seems so strange to us.

Flick through these digital pages.   Be inspired by the stories and sharings from others living all over our globe.

Sit back with a cup of your favorite and take a moment  to read, reflect and connect and share.  As you do you'll discover what a beautiful, inspired life means to you.  Be brave to step forward, state your desire and open-up to receive.

Breathe life into your human body; impart reason to your human soul”
Live from a force deep within and allow yourself to fly