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He Smelt So Good – Aussie Antics at the Toowoomba Flower Festival

toowoomba flower festival, travel inspiration

 Short Story... Be Inspired To Experience
The Toowoomba Flower Festival, Queensland Australia
You Won't Want To Miss This Carnival of Colour !

My eyes dance from one display to the next, hungry to taste from every bed of blooms. Tulips, wisteria, poppies and petunias; a vivid bouquet of delicious blues, purples, pinks and oranges...
I close my eyes and breath big, sucking sweet scents into my nose and deep into my lungs. I drink-in the aroma, intoxicated by the fragrance encircling me.

It’s Spring September, in Queensland, Australia – the time when flowers blossom and the weather performs to perfection. In Queensland, September rises out of winter, like a honey bee emerging from her winter cluster for the first time. The suns shines gentle yet bright and inviting, infusing warmth deep into your body - at the same time the cool breeze brushes the extremities of your skin, invigorating you to explore the day ahead with great anticipation...

This morning, I awoke at 6 am to start a two hour drive West to attend the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (or as some call it The Toowoomba Flower Festival). The Carnival is a fabulous festival showcasing regional food, wine, music and of course the stunning flower gardens of Toowoomba – they are spectacular! 

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inspiring travel destination, toowoomba flower festival

Here I am standing near the entrance to one of the prize-winning gardens at 17 Ward St, Highfields, Toowoomba. It wasn’t my first visit to this famed address, but as I walked into the familiar gates, I once again, was in awe, in absolute delight, indulging my senses in the floral design, water-features and fragrance … 

toowoomba, flower festival, travel destination, carnival of flowers, flower inspiration

"... there stands an elderly man wearing a black hat and blue collared shirt.  His face is a little blush and his skin gently wrinkled like he’d been kissed by the sun more than once in his life"

"Oh that fragrance - this garden is so beautiful", I exhale, whispering to myself.
"Oh, that's not the garden, dear, that's me", I hear a man speak from behind. 

I turn around and there stands an elderly man wearing a black hat and blue collared shirt.  His face is a little blush and his skin gently wrinkled like he’d been kissed by the sun more than once in his life. 

“You must be the grand gardener here?” I ask.
“Yes love, what do you think of my rubbish tip?” he winks at me with a cheeky grin. 

I laugh loudly, throwing my head back and laugh some more.  I’ve traveled and met people from all over the world, experienced many  interactions in many nations, yet still, I’m reminded of how much I love the Aussie larakin sense of humour!    

Just two minutes of banter with Kevin and I realise his character is as colourful as his garden.     Pure joy!    

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award winner toowoomba flower festival, karletta marie with kevin toowoomba flower festival

Kevin and his wife, Dianna, are  award winners at the annual Toowoomba Flower Festival,  or the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. I admire their positive outlook and the way they choose to live life doing something they love and then passing their love, passion and colour for life on to others.

You can feel the joy Kevin and Dianna get from sharing their flower beds, life inspiration and passion with others - and you just can’t help but “smell their fragrance” and want some of what they have too. 

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