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Your Story Matters:  

Your story is the one story only you can ever tell.    Your story , no matter who you are - your age, your race, religion, gender or background  -  is full of your own unique, individual experiences, inspirations, lessons and wisdom that the world needs to hear.

Your story has the power to build bridges over voids between generations, cultures and class.  Stories help create connections, peace and understanding  from a deep personal place, that then ripples out gently across the globe, touching the human race as a whole.  In seeking out connection to people who have lived a life different to ours, reflecting on the lessons learned and then sharing stories we become agents of love, enlightening ourselves and the world with a colourful tapestry of wisdom through experience.   

What  Kind of Story Will You Tell?

Your story will be true, inspiring, creative, engaging and entertaining.  If you can share a special moment of change in your life that would help others - small or large, this is perfect.    Shorter stories (600-1000 words, 3-10min reads) will be published in one issue. Longer stories (30min - 1hr reads) will be published in our 'One True Travel Story' segment.  Your story can be submitted in a written, photographic or video format (or a combination)

In addition to written stories we are also looking for inspiring moments captured in photographs, quotes, personal musings and video pieces.   You will receive full credit as the author and if you wish a link back to your bio, website, blog or webpage offering.  

We are looking for stories in the following key themes (however please do not limit your creativity by the categories presented here as we open to consider new categories)

  • Destination and Inspiration
  • Freedom to Travel Lifestyle
  • Creating Your Freedom Business
  • People & Culture
  • Quotes & Moments of Reflection
  • Love Romance & Relationship
  • Spirituality, Mind & Connection
  • Money, Funding & Finance
  • Food & Physicality

How to Submit Your Story

Please fill out the form below - be sure to include the following elements in your submission.

  • Subject Theme
  • Title
  • Text and Related Images
  • Author Bio
  • Author Link

We look forward to hearing your story.