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Everyone has a story and someone needs to hear it. Help spread more true, real meaningful stories around the world

The Story Behind The Real Life Stories ...  


Daily Inspired Life is a collection of true, meaningful, real life stories from people all over the world.

The project began soon after I set off on an epic travel journey. I left my old life behind to discover the world in a way I hadn’t experienced before.  

Very soon, I realized that main-stream media only reflects a small portion of what is really going on in people's lives around the globe. 


As I experienced the world on a global scale, I saw how the media does an excellent job of presenting the world from a mostly scary, negative and sensationalized frame.

But, as I met people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, I noticed, while humanity does undergo great hardship, the world is filled with strength, hope, tenacity and goodness.    

Everyday I meet people going about their daily lives, doing great things for one another, sharing wisdom, spreading love and showing kindness to others.    

“It seemed to me, that only the famous or incredibly connected have a loud voice in the media ... AND yet, I was gleaning much wisdom from the everyday, unheard people in the world.

I was moved to start a project collecting the true, real life stories that I came across. I saw Daily Inspired Life as a way to balance the voice, with the sharing of wisdom (great and small) through these stories I'd gathered from around the globe.

Daily Inspired Life aims to share an inspiring message, not just through positive memes and motivational speeches, but through the very true and real life stories of everyday people.

Every person has a story to share, and there is always someone who needs to hear your story.   

MY wish is that Daily Inspired Life, be an enthusiastic facilitator in that process. And we thank you for being part of it.