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The Story Behind  Daily Inspired Life &
These Real Life Stories ...  

Karletta Marie began Daily Inspired Life as an inspiring collection of real life stories gathered from around the globe.  The idea was to provide a  broader, more positive narrative of humanity than what was being presented in main-stream media channels.   

Over the past few years, the project has gently evolved to become a place where we don't just read and share these inspiring stories.  Together, we use the power of narrative to consciously create our own beautiful lives and actively send out our positive narratives into the wider world.  

This is how  Daily Inspired Life got started .... 

About five years ago, a number of life events collided causing me (Karletta Marie) to personally experience the power of our real life stories …

One event involved the revealing of an old family secret. I observed an almost magical healing effect, upon both the sharer and the readers. I saw how sharing stories helps us to understand ourselves and others in a far greater way, ultimately creating deeper connections between human beings. I have since interviewed over 100 people and have discovered there is a liberation and transformation when one shares their story.

Secondly, around that same time, I set off on an epic travel journey, leaving my old life behind to discover the world in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

Very soon, I realised that main-stream media only reflects a small portion of what is really going on in people's lives. It seemed to me, that only the famous or celebrity have a voice...

AND yet, I was gleaning much wisdom from the everyday, unheard people in the world. I was moved to start Daily Inspired Life as a way to balance the voice, with the sharing of wisdom (great and small) from all people around our globe.

Thirdly, as I experienced the world on a global scale, I saw how the media does a great job of presenting the world from a mostly scary, negative and sensationalised frame.   But, as I met people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, while humanity does undergo great hardship, we also have much strength, hope, tenacity and goodness.

I wanted to share an inspiring message, not just through positive memes and motivational speeches, but through the very true and real stories of everyday people.


While humanity does undergo great hardship, we also have much strength, hope, tenacity and goodness. 

Finally,  as I studied the power of story  to create a beautiful life you absolutely love, I wanted to share everything I was discovering.  

Understanding the power of story in your life is transformational.  Here you’ll learn narrative methods to explore your past, present and future stories.   You can reframe your past in a way that your experiences are helpful to you.  You get to know yourself deeply in the present and discover what you really want from life. That leads to you creating powerful new stories for your future.

Every person has a story, and there is always someone who needs to hear your story.    My dreams is for  Daily Inspired Life, to continue to grow as a strong, caring, and diverse community connecting both readers and story tellers. 

I invite you to be part of our community!