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Story Submission Guidelines ... 

The Stories We Feature

Each story published on Daily Inspired Life is a true, personal account of an incident, event, time period, or moment that takes place in the life of the sharer. Each story is a message of inspiration, love, hope, positivity, courage.  The stories leave the reader feeling better about themselves and/or the world around them.  

It is also our hope that when a person chooses to share their story with Daily Inspired Life, their own life is enriched by having their story witnessed by fellow human-beings who seek understanding, empathy and compassion in the world.

The purpose of each piece published in Daily Inspired Life is to spread positivity in regard to the human race as a whole,  AND to create a greater understanding across different cultures and backgrounds.  We want you to share your personal view of the world through your story.    

Daily Inspired Life features stories that inspire people to live their best and to see the best in others.   We want readers to feel more connected to the greater world, promoting the unity and positivity found in humanity.   We want your story to help balance the negative news feed of main-stream media .

Before submitting your story, please read about the mission of the Daily Inspired Life project , subscribe and take some time to read some of the stories we have already published.  

Other Information About Your Story Submission

Your story should be between 300  and 600 words,  and be a real-life, true experience and written in the first person.   

We especially want to promote diversity and encourage people of colour, indigenous peoples, people from diverse backgrounds, and people from non-english speaking backgrounds and women to submit their stories.  

Simultaneous submissions: Please let us know if your story is accepted by another publication while still being considered by Daily Inspired Life.  

Response Time:  We will take time to consider every submission that meets our criteria.  You should receive a response from us within 14 days of your submission.  If not, please contact us here.  

Award:  Daily Inspired Life is self-funded and seeks to remain advertisement free. We will pay $20 if your story is published in Daily Inspired Life.  In addition to the payment we  will feature a short bio and provide live links back to your own author site/page. We also actively promote every story to our audience.   

Rights:  If your story is selected to be published on Daily Inspired Life, we ask you to agree to non-exclusive rights to publish your story. You retain full ownership of your story, but you grant us the rights to publish it first online and use it again in any future print publications of Daily Inspired Life.  If you publish your story elsewhere we request you mention Daily Inspired Life as the first place of publication.

For further questions about submitting your story, please contact us here.

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