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Use the power of story to craft 

your beautiful life 

Join the Community

Use the power of story to craft your beautiful life 

Welcome to Daily Inspired Life. This is your invitation to join a place where people from around the globe come together to share in the power of our real-life stories …

Here your individual story is honoured and valued among a supportive and compassionate collective. Together we use the power of story to craft our beautiful lives – lives of purpose and connection to the Divine, to nature and our fellow human beings. Lives that delight our physical senses and satisfy our spiritual inclinations. 

You’ll love it here if …

  • You want to experience uplifting stories from around the world to enhance your daily life.
  •  You want to bring balance to a mostly fearful, negative news narrative.
  • You like the idea of spreading empathy and understanding across different cultures, class, beliefs, and backgrounds.
  • You love the idea of bridging gaps and seeing people who are different embrace each other and learn from one another.
  • You want to create an inspired, beautiful life for yourself, and you want that for others too.
  • You want help to see new possibilities – even though you might not have the circumstances right now – there is a way for you to enjoy life more than you may imagine.
  • You want to be seen and heard and valued. And you want that for every other human too.
  • You’re ready to discover you are a flippin’ miracle – and everyone else is too!
  • You want to claim back your own story (and you want others to do the same). Instead of allowing circumstances and society to dictate the story of your life, you want to take back the authority to narrate your own life.
  • You want to help send out more inspiration and beauty into the broader world. 

Yes that's me, I want to join the community

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What’s involved when I join ..…


Receive your welcome email & watch out for your e-magazine (free subscription)


Read the stories, watch the videos and recommended movies that interest you


Use the resources, complete the exercises, comment and reply on topics of interest.


Pass on the love … by sharing the stories with others, sharing your story, becoming an Ambassador and joining our events.

Evelyn B. Suarez

“The stories from Daily Inspired Life made me encouraged and inspired to face my every day challenges to overcome darker moments that tempt me to be down.”

Charlai La’Rose Williams

“I saw stories from those who live their lives through situations similar to mine. It is always inspiring to see and hear a message through their story. It gives me hope. It brings me joy. And it is such an enlightenment.”

Katy Johansen

“I really like the words Daily Inspired. I need inspiration daily to feel more positive everyday and to be able to look forward to each day with confidence. That's the reason I wanted to join. I hope to experience a greater outlook on how wonderful life is and how we should value and appreciate our lives everyday.”