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One True Travel Story

Be Inspired by Real Life Stories From Everyday People Around the World
[Short Stories - 30min to 1hr reads]

Kibbutz Love Story - Good Stories

A Kibbutz Kind of Love
Marguerite McMahon

It's the 1970's .  Australian born, Marguerite, volunteers in an Israeli Kibbutz where she falls deeply in love with a handsome, Jewish man.  

They plan to spend the rest of their life as husband and wife...  
but it seems the great divide between  religion and race may keep them apart forever

An Unromantic Story of Love
Jessica Springs

Jessica believes she's fallen in love with her perfect man Alex... 
until her whole idea of life and relationship is rocked by the 2017 Mexico earthquake.    

 Should Jessica trust in her  gut

or was this just Tinder all along?

Drugged, Robbed and Violated in Manilla
Ben McGarry

Ben, a seasoned  international traveler,
wakes up in  what he thought was the back of a taxi ... he was wrong!

Follow his path, learn from his pain and experience the power of human kindness.

A must read for any traveller who thinks this could never happen to them.

Be Inspired by Real Life Stories From Everyday People Around the World
[Short Stories - 30min to 1hr reads]

Kenyan Light Shine-On
My Journey from Corporate
Worrier to Confidence Coach 

Annika Inken Kähler

To Annika, a business woman from Germany, the most important things in life are her  looks,  career, money and lifestyle.  

When she  heads to Kenya for a well earned beach-side vacation she discovers a new world of freedom that will change her forever.

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 Nothing and 
and Everything 
Karletta Marie

Karletta grew up in a low-income family, the daughter of a garbage collector .  She dreams of a life traveling the world,  walking through Asia, driving Safari and overlooking the Grand Canyon.  But she has no idea how she'll ever get there...

Until one day a  miracle happens.   

Escape Away, Be Inspired by Real Life Stories
[Short Stories - 30min to 1hr reads]