The New Year - A Narrative Approach to New Year Resolutions - Daily Inspired Life

Most people give up on their New Years Resolutions early in the year. Try this new narrative approach to the New Year.

Rather than petitioning your life into segments (finance, career, education, relationships, health spirituality) then listing goals and new habits you’d like to “stick to” for 2022, use this narrative approach to discover a new way of getting what you want, based on what’s really important to you and why.  You’ll also discover what you need to make it happen.  

This is not a questionnaire. View the questions as your guide helping you draw your own inner knowing and wisdom up from your mind and heart.  It's okay if you change your mind later, it's all part of the process. Trust and allow yourself to be free as your pen moves across the page without self-judgement or censorship.