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Village Boy Finds a Way then Pays It Forward | By Nawaz Khan | Inspiring Story #109

A boy from a poor family in a small village travels to the city to get a job to pay for his education. There a strange man approaches with an offer the boy is both afraid to accept, but can’t refuse.

Be inspired by Nawaz’s remarkable story as he works through his fears, embraces opportunities and ultimately passes on the gift he was given to others in his village.


Almost Sixty and Starting Over by Cynthia C. | Inspiring Story #101

Newly divorced, with no prospects for a 57 year old woman living in a foreign country, Cynthia thought her life was over.That was until a chance meeting with an older woman on her flight back to the USA changed her perspective about life and starting over.  The marriage is officially over. I can’t say that I’m […]


Healing My Anxious Heart by Lydia Ndagaano | Inspiring Story #91

  For eight years Lydia, from Uganda, lived with stress, heart palpitations and constant worry.When a doctor suggested she was suffering with an anxiety disorder, this unlocked a journey that led her to find peace of mind through the power of story and forgiveness. Lydia shares her story to inspire others that living a full and […]


Help Broaden the Positive Stories Beyond Ourselves by Karletta Marie

JOIN This morning (or this evening) depending on where you are in the world, when you turned on your television or picked up a paper or you looked at your news feed, the majority of stories you received were most likely based on some kind of trauma, crime, disaster, injustice…  These stories are important because […]

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