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Sheila of Shropshire | Traveler’s Tale of Connection and Understanding

My heart was forever touched by Sheila from Shropshire and the courage it took for her (all of her) to face each day living with D.I.D.   ​ ​“The weather is beating me some – first the rain, wet and miserable, and now this fog:  the low cloud feels quite oppressive?! Often, the fog feels protective and […]


Travel To Cyprus – But Beware of Saying “Thank You”!

True-to-life, travel Cyprus story … where a simple “thank you” can be misunderstood.“ευχαριστώ! Thank you!” I say proudly in my very best Greek accent.Our waiter, Νίκος, looks down at me, amused, smiling, as he places a mountain of grilled calamari in the center of our table. I am travelling around Cyprus with John for the […]


Is this the Best Buffet in Vietnam?

In my eleven years of traveling to Vietnam, this would be my most memorable cultural dining experience.​Her friends call her “The Food Champion” because Thao always knows the best places to go for delicious food in Hanoi – at the best price. In all the years I have been traveling from Australia to Vietnam, I […]

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