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Your Season to Shine by Karletta Marie | Short Story of Hope | Inspiring Story #118

 If your season is not now, trust that it’s on the way. Keep hoping, keep expecting…I’ve walked this path more than 100 times, winding into mountains, through the orange of autumn, around grey winter skies, under storms,  drenched skin, shivers down my spine. “How long will this grey season last?” I’d ask Thorny Bush as I […]


1000 Days of Kneeling by Danielle Hayden | Inspiring Story #94

Take a journey with Danielle Hayden as she reflects on her unique gratitude practice.  Will you be forever changed as she was? In January of 2018, I started a practice where each day I named five things I was grateful for and I prayed for five people. The challenge of this was that I could […]

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