Spreading Joy, Lighting Up Lives: How Celebrating Others Brightens Your Own World | by Ezekiel Baskar | Inspiring Story #188

Spreading Joy, Lighting Up Lives: How Celebrating Others Brightens Your Own World | by Ezekiel Baskar | Inspiring Story #188

Step into the world of Ezekiel, a young 25-year-old visionary who spreads joy and ignites hope by pioneering a new movement of celebrating lives. Discover how giving to others creates a spirit of togetherness, leaving an enduring impact on both the giver and the receiver.

It was a December evening, and the joy of Christmas was beginning to rise, yet in my heart I recognized a stark contrast—beyond the lights and decorations, hidden shadows of suffering lingered. I saw faces around me, each carrying a story—a narrative often overshadowed by their struggles and the world's indifference. At that moment, a thought struck me: "What if we celebrated those who have never been celebrated before?"

I knew the feeling. In my own life, I’d been through pain and anguish, days of weeping over situations out of my control. It was during these low moments that people came into my life, bringing joy, and lighting up my existence. They showed me that one touch of joy, one gesture, could make life beautiful.

This realization filled me with a deep urge, a desire that moved my very soul. I wanted to celebrate those around us who were broken, in pain, and sorrow, and facing challenges we probably don’t know about. The world often judges people by their past, failures, or setbacks, but I wanted them to know, that every person has a story, and every story has glory waiting at the end.

Joy is the need of the hour, I said to myself.  And I set a mission for December. I would make this month a month of celebrating the lives of those who felt forgotten, those who were fighting silent battles, and those who had smiles waiting to break through the clouds of their circumstances.

I used my time, money, gifts—everything—to celebrate and appreciate others, to show them they are loved, valued, and thought about. I visited people, hospitals, and those in need, bringing cakes on birthdays, small celebrations, and anything to bring a smile. The joy on their faces brought an even greater smile to mine.  

People shared, "We were almost on the verge of giving up until your visit gave us hope.”  

Isn't it true that you find joy in giving joy to others?

The joy on their faces brought an even greater smile to mine ... Isn't it true that you find joy in giving joy to others?   

Spreading the Joy of Celebrating Lives

In a bid to spread this joy further, I initiated an event known as "Celebrating Lives."

It was more than a pre-Christmas celebration. It was about sharing the message that celebrating the lives of those around us is important. We hosted a dinner; sweets, juices for everyone, and even Asia's Strongest Man, Manoj Chopra, spoke, appreciating this idea of celebrating lives. Everyone felt inspired, touched, celebrated. Faces were lit in joy, and troubles were forgotten, even if just for a moment.

I thought, "What a joy it is to transmit joy!"

This initiative, initially just a ripple in the pond, created waves, inspiring others to adopt a lifestyle of 'celebrating lives.' The idea was not to stop at an event but to integrate this philosophy into our daily existence—meeting and supporting people indiscriminately, spreading joy without reservation, and recognizing the innate worth of every individual.

Now, I extend this invitation to everyone: let's make 'the joy of giving' our second nature. Let's be the light of hope for someone silently seeking it. Whether it's through sparing time, sharing meals, or merely listening, let's be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people again.

Life is an echo of our actions, and there's a sublime kind of joy in lifting others—it's the fabric that weaves humanity together. So, without calculations, without expectations, let's give. For in celebrating others, we truly celebrate ourselves.

Every life matters. Every life deserves to be celebrated—not just endured. As we walk this path, may we always remember: the joy in giving is the most precious gift of all.

May we all continue to be blessings in each other's lives. God bless all.

Meet Ezekiel Baskar

Ezekiel Baskar is a Humanitarian and an evangelist.

He is also known for his talents as an athlete, cultural artist,  writer, and musician embodying a passion for encouragement and empowerment.

His multifaceted endeavors continue to inspire and uplift others.

Connect with Ezekiel here:

Instagram:  @ezekielbaskar
Facebook:  /ezekielbaskar


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  • Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. You make the world a better place.

  • Natalie says:

    Such an inspiring story… yes it is truly a Joy to transmit Joy. Stay Blessed & may you continue to be a blessing to many.

  • Jennifer Prince says:

    I so agree that when we focus outside of ourselves, it does us benefit. I think it’s great that you brought that to light!

  • Elise Ho says:

    We can all use some joy in our life. This is extra special as we enter into the holiday season.

  • Ntensibe says:

    No lie there! When I see others happy, that alone makes me so happy. We can never have enough joy in this world.

  • Olga says:

    This guy is amazing. Helping other people is very important, and I`m happy there are still many people like Ezekiel.

  • Mila R says:

    I agree… celebrating other brings joy, however never forget about yourself.

  • SONIA says:

    With everything going on in the world right now, this is what we need, especially with Christmas around the corner. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rosey says:

    Giving to others is the light that makes the world go ’round. And you’re right, giving doesn’t always mean monetarily. Sometimes the other things matter more.

  • Heather says:

    This post restored my faith in humanity. You are a good soul and we need more of this compassion in the world right now.

  • Debbie says:

    Serving others is so important for joy. Both for ourselves and others. I love this post and the encouragement it brings.

  • Emily Fata says:

    Wow, this is so very inspirational! It’s amazing to see people out in the world making a positive change and doing good. I’d love to hear more about Ezekiel!

    • Ezekiel says:

      Absolutely! There’s a great need for change makers to step up !
      People and the world around us is desperate for change makers of love,Joy ,peace,forgiveness and hope !

      We r all called to be one 😃💐

    • Ezekiel says:

      Thank you for you kind words ! It’s a Blessing to be a Blessing

  • Marysa says:

    It is nice to think about celebrating and making people feel appreciated and celebrating. Keep sharing the love and kindness.

  • Luna S says:

    I love this post! I too love being able to help others in an assortment of ways including celebrating them & what they are happy for.

  • Stephanie says:

    Yes, joy is so very contagious! This is an inspiring article to remind us to spread our own joy.

  • Beth says:

    This is so important to remember. When you’re a light in the world, the light inside you grows, as well!

  • Aparna says:

    Keep up the good work!
    Good article.
    God Bless

  • Beryl says:

    Knowing Pr. Ezekiel personally he exhumes a permanent joy so easily…..without joy he wouldn’t be Ezekiel. Thanks be to God for his gift of this Man of God to many who cherish his presence. Truly every life deserves to be celebrated.

  • Lavina says:

    “Celebrating Lives”…. That’s really beautiful!
    It’s amazing how a smile or even a simple Hello can bring happiness to people!
    The fact that someone cares, is enough to cheer anyone up.
    Seeing the joy that a simple act brings to someone, truly gives me much greater Joy!
    Spreading love, joy, laughter …. An inspiring way to live!

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