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"Yes, I'm Curious To Uncover the Power & Wisdom Hidden in My Story" ...

What Makes You Curious to Explore Your Story?

Curiosity has called you to explore and discover something wonderful and new about you.

Are you curious to know what inner wisdom is stored inside your unique self? Is there a specific area in your life where you’d love to access your inner knowing?  Would you like to use that inner guidance to help you solve a problem or improve your life and make your life more beautiful

  • Like enhancing your relationships with others or
  • Taking care of yourself in a way that rejuvenates your body and spirit or
  • Increasing your confidence and self-esteem or
  • Changing your daily habits so they serve you better or 
  • Transforming the way you earn a living so it's more purposeful or
  • Simply to bring more fun and creativity into your every day or
  • Improving the way you manage stress or your health or
  • How you manage your money and finances or
  • Even fulfilling a life-long dream like having the freedom to travel   ... 

Maybe you want to make a change or write your life in a totally new way?

The narrative work  I’m talking about here acknowledges YOU as the authority of your story, YOU as the authority of your life.  There is an honoring of the unique wisdom, knowledge and skills you’ve collected over the years as you have experienced life – and this expressing your story provides the means for you to draw that wisdom out. 

Jennievi G. Dunque, PHILIPPINES // TEACHER

Sharing my story made me realized the kind of person I have become. I never thought that I was brave. I realized that I was able to brace and braved the storms of my life with so much dignity. I felt so empowered that nothing can stop me from sharing my beautiful story and believing in myself.


Finding new images of yourself can empower and revitalize you.  I gained greater clarity of my needs and my motives. Writing through a lens of gratitude also helped me to see the perspective of the other people I wrote about - like my mother. 

Amannda Wilkins, USA // AUTHOR

Writing, for me, is a form of therapy. I put it all out there! But I have always felt that if one person reading my words is touched, or can relate, then my story served a beautiful purpose. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share.

Take The Next Step ... 

Start Exploring Your Story ... 

There's a couple of ways to start exploring your story.   If you want to continue your exploration on your own then start with each issue of Daily Inspired Life. Inside each issue there will be a narrative exercise to help you explore your past, present or future stories,  and use what you uncover to enhance your life.  I also recommend you  check out the articles on the site like this one - Live The Life You Love - Writing Your Future Story.

If you want to go deeper, and are looking for a guided experience exploring the power in your story, then let’s talk more.  Click on the button below – answer the few questions and we will take the next step together.  

I look forward to connecting with you again soon. 



By gently untangling the chains in your mind and heart; one by one, you make sense of your stories, freeing you to rewrite an unhelpful past and create new stories for your future.  You get to know yourself deeply in the present and discover what it is you really want from life.



It's an amazing way to express yourself and learn more, both about yourself and your subject. I gained clarity about myself and human nature at large.  


Fathima S Meer // WRITER, EDITOR

I learned that I am strong mentally. Telling my story released the burden I felt weighing me down. I also understand now that I must be more open-minded to receive the goodness people offer. I am usually skeptical of people's intentions, but I realize that trusting others is worthwhile.