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Refugee Stories| Images Etched In My Mind by Lynda Elliott

Refugee Stories From Lynda Elliot, Founder of the Refugee Buddy Network If this whole experience has taught me one thing, it is this: The only thing that matters is love.  The greatest gift we have as humans is our ability to empathize and connect with others.  It is that part of us that knows we are […]


The Boy Who Hated Santa

Inspiring story about a boy who rises above the circumstances life offers him. Antony is the boy who hated Santa


Woman of Iron and Lace, Power and Grace

A story about Soula … a woman who can carry a gun in one hand, while holding a rose in the other.The prisoner sat across from Soula.  He reached out toward her.  He looked Soula in the eye and said, “Ms Soula, I’d like to give you a gift”. What kind of gift would a prisoner, […]


The Tunnel of Life … by Monica Hunold

Living on the streets of Ecuador, only garbage bags for luggage. Monica shares her inspiring story of how hope coupled with hard-work lead her from homelessness to living her dream in Tuscany


From Failure to Paris Fashion Week by Diana Soukar

Living in Saudi Arabia with her husband, Diana was told she was not allowed to work. She should stay at home! This is a true inspirational story of a woman who, when everything was against her, decided never to give up on her dreamMy name is Diana Soukar, I am thirty-two years old, a wife […]