More Than My First Million | How I went from being a broke influencer to making my first million | by Kain Roomes | Inspiring Story #160

More Than My First Million | How I went from being a broke influencer to making my first million | by Kain Roomes | Inspiring Story #160


Kain Roomes dreamed of making his first million. By the time he was 25, he was in debt, dead broke, with 50,000 followers and a gifted Rolex on his wrist. He felt extremely unhappy with his life direction. Kain knew something had to change. This is his story.

I’ve always wanted to be a millionaire. That’s not because I grew up super wealthy. Nor did I grow up on struggle-street. There was always food on our table. My parents afforded me theatre classes. I played football - got the boots, ball, uniform, and everything else I needed to succeed. There were family holidays to Jamaica where my dad and I ran on white sandy beaches and wrestled under palm trees while mum looked on laughing.

I wanted more of that and believed being a millionaire would give it to me–more fun, more choices, and more freedom in life.

My dad taught me the value of sacrifice and hard work. He worked in his own business and would often say, “Mother have, father have, happy the child who has their own.” He taught me to appreciate what I earned. Like when I asked for new football trainers. Dad didn’t just hand them over. He’d say, “Son, if you score 3 goals today, then you can have the new trainers.”

I carried these lessons with me as I pursued my dream of becoming a millionaire. 

I carried these lessons with me as I pursued my dream of becoming a millionaire.. 

I played professional and semi-professional football, honing my skills to the point I was invited to play overseas. At 21, an injury forced me to leave my football career. Still, I pursued my dream. I began modelling for the fitness industry and built an Instagram following. At 22, I was gifted a Rolex. Now, I felt like a millionaire.

By the time I was 25, I had 50,000 followers and a Rolex on my wrist.  I was also in debt, dead broke, and felt deeply unhappy.

I looked down at the blue face of my Rolex Submariner. I touched the stainless steel and gold wristband.  It was like a piece of art - the blue and gold colours looked great against the tone of my skin. But inwardly, that same feeling didn’t match up. The inclination I once had for material items just wasn’t there anymore. 

I thought about all the time and effort I’d spent growing my Insta following and what I’d received in return. Instagram may have worked for some—but for me personally, it was a distraction. I felt an overwhelming urge to post something. It was like I was possessed—this app had control over me. It felt like an empty sham, a noisy world designed to be addictive. The likes, the comments, and the followers made me feel as though I’d “arrived”, but I didn’t have any freedom, peace, or calmness within. Nor was I anywhere near making my first million.

“Kain,” I asked myself, “What are you doing? Something has to change. It’s time to get serious and focus on real growth and building real wealth.” 

At that moment, I decided to sell my prized Rolex. I’d transform this material symbol of wealth into real wealth that would bring me the freedom, peace, and calm I longed for.

I used the funds to pay off my debts, study a wealth mindset, and start investing. To find calm, I took walks and bike rides through the woods, where the fresh air cleared my lungs and mind. The biggest move I made was to come off Instagram totally. My mother was shocked. “Kain, why would you come off Instagram, you have 50,000 followers!?” She just couldn’t fathom how I could leave that behind.

My reply was, “My spirit told me to—I need peace and time to focus on my true growth.”

Along with quitting Insta, I distanced myself from negativity and all that no longer served me. I stopped spending money on non-essentials. I continued to invest carefully, surrounding myself with those on the same mission. For four years, I monomaniacally focused on investing and recreating myself.  Then it happened.

I turned 29, and my investments paid off.  I’d made my first million. The success wasn’t just about the money. Money is simply a tool. I experienced how sacrifice and hard work provides for real inner growth too. I’m in a peaceful place now.

One of my favourite quotes of all time is, “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Some people won’t understand your sacrifices. But when we do make changes, we can see our lives transform. We can have freedom, happiness, a sense of fulfilment, and the ability to help others—but what's more significant, we have the calm and tranquility of those who lead serene, joyous lives …

With or without a Rolex.

Meet Kain Roomes

Hi, I'm Kain Roomes.  I am an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist born in London. When my mother was pregnant with me, she contracted German measles. The doctor advised my parents that they should consider having an abortion because there was a high chance I would be born blind and without any limbs. 


But through fervent prayer and faith in God, I was born a healthy baby and I live on to tell my story.  My story has been featured in The Sun - UK and other international news outlets.

Connect with me here on LinkedIn:

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  • John Dionysiou says:

    I love the principle of this story. To me it’s about sacrificing something we love or that is attached to our ego for a greater goal. Even if you don’t relate to this particular story about the Rolex, the personal question is – what have I given up that has brought in a greater reward OR what am I holding on to that is stopping me stepping into something greater.

    • Kain Roomes says:

      Thank you for taking your time out to write this comment John. I agree – to ascend this is what it takes! To let go of what is holding us down, whatever that may be.

      I wish for you all the blessings of life.

      Kain Roomes

  • Evelyn says:

    Kain’s story made me think that if we want to get our goals, we need to give some sacrifices. Then, we shall always aim high. Thank you Kain, your courage inspired me

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Evelyn … You inspire me too. I know life isn’t always easy for you, and for you to be here encouraging someone else who has more opportunity in life than you would have, touches my heart. I love you and your amazing outlook on life.

    • Kain Roomes says:

      Thank you Evelyn.

      I wish for you all the blessings of life.

      Kain Roomes

  • I believe that if you work hard you will get rewarded. I’m still waiting to get my first Rolex LOL

  • Rachael says:

    I do like this story and the morals behind it, but having a Rolex to sell isn’t something that most people have. I know that the story focuses on working hard and Kain has some really fantastic bits of wisdom, however, without the Rolex, he wouldn’t have cleared his debt or had the money to invest. Although I do suppose he worked hard to obtain the watch!

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Yes, you’re right about your average person not having a Rolex to sell. For Kain – he did have one and that’s his story. And you’re right he does share wisdom and the other lessons.

      I know a lot of people read and watch the rich and famous, even though they may not have the same opportunities as those people. Just because someone has something we don’t doesn’t mean they can’t be inspiring. We are all different. We all have a story to tell. That’s what I love about the stories we share here at Daily Inspired Life – though we are all different and we all come from different backgrounds – every person has a story to tell. We can all learn something from someone else.

    • Susan Evans says:

      I believe you are right. I also believe that Kain still worships money too much. The only things worth having are free, and the only thing we have at the end of our lives are love.

      • Daniel says:

        I don’t get the impression Kain’s worshipping money – I believe he realised that money is simply a tool which can allow him to fully express himself, just like it can for all of us here on earth.

        Money is good. Greed is not good.

        However, there is no reason why you can’t be very wealthy and still be an extremely spiritual and wonderfully generous person aligned to the God Force, with a huge heart and compassion for everyone you meet.

        • Karletta Marie says:

          Thank you Daniel. I can see the growth journey Kain is on – from money being the #1 priority to the realisation of what is more important in life.

      • Karletta Marie says:

        I love the discussion this story is creating – thank you Susan. Money is an interesting topic for people. I’d like to hear what Kain has to say on this. Also, as we feel into our own response to stories, from a place of curiosity, this is an excellent way for us to examine our own ‘stories” around certain areas of our life.

        For me, my first trigger response to Kain’s story when he submitted it was. Is a topic about investing and making money a topic DIL readers will like? How does his story tie in with living an inspired life? And that led me to get curious around my own stories around money, life and how we can be inspired.

        For you Susan, you might have done this already – but the curiosity around your “story” would look like … what is it about Kain’s story that makes me think he is worshipping money? What experiences have I had that has led me to that way of thinking? Was there any part of Kain’s perspective of money that triggered a response in me? Was there anything that I found enlightening? Explore that. That is the power of story.

        Again, thank you Susan for sharing here. I appreciate you. xo

      • Kain Roomes says:

        Thank you for your comments Susan.

        I’m going to recommend one of my favourite books to you – The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

        I wish for you all the blessings of life.

        Kain Roomes

  • Victoria says:

    What an inspiring story, I am glad that they managed to get themselves level headed and find themselves again and succeed in what he set out to do.

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