Hands, Heart, Home | Rebuilding Life After Stroke | By Bill Webster | Inspiring Story #192

Hands, Heart, Home | Rebuilding Life After Stroke | By Bill Webster | Inspiring Story #192


In an instant, Bill Webster's life changes drastically after a stroke. Facing a new reality and unsure how to support his family, he undertakes a rebuilding project that's more than just physical—it's a chance to transform his and his family's future. With the support of loved ones and the kindness of strangers, Bill discovers that love and community can propel us beyond our wildest dreams.

I was at work on a customer’s house when it happened. Just another summer’s day, scraping paint off a porch ceiling. Out of the blue, bam! Dizziness struck, overwhelming and sudden. My stomach churned, and then, my right eye went dark. Panic surged through me. "Am I dying?" It was like the very foundation of my life cracked beneath me.

The Unexpected Strike: A Life-Altering Stroke

Laid up in that hospital bed, I was depressed, my thoughts a jumbled mess of worry. What about my family? I was their pillar, they needed me, and suddenly, I was the one needing support. 

I came home a week later, and that night had a second stroke. I was life-flighted to a bigger hospital.  One minute Mr. Dependable, next, flat on my back, my mind racing with concern. I was the breadwinner. I made the money. I worked from dusk till dawn every day. I hadn’t stopped to give much thought to our future.

From Despair to Determination: Family Support

I came home in a wheelchair. It was like waking up in a house after a storm, everything familiar yet broken in some way. I was left not being able to walk, with constant dizziness, problems with my hands, and the right side of my face numb, pain, nausea, and vision issues. Thankfully my family was my rock, ready to rebuild with me.

With physical therapy and my wife and kids, I worked on relearning to walk and using my hands again. My son would playfully move my walker, challenging me to walk further. My wife was my balance, literally and figuratively.

A New Dream: The Fixer-Upper Home

I had to come up with a way to provide for my family. I wanted to be sure they had a home if I wasn’t here. Not to have to worry about rent or mortgage.

One night, I shared a thought with my wife, “What about a fixer-upper? Our own place, a safety net for you and the kids.” She hesitated, worry in her eyes, but she believed in the dream.

That run-down house we bought for $8000 – It needed a ton of work. As I learned to deal with my disabilities, we slowly reworked the house. This wasn’t just a project, it was our path to healing, our own rebuilding project.

Rebuilding with Love & Support of Strangers

After buying the house, I started a Facebook page called Making a Home to document our journey. People, once strangers started following us. More than 2000 of them! Some donated money and supplies to help us get the house done. They comforted us when we were down, they celebrated our victories with us. They are our community of support who became family in many ways.

Together we’ve battled my strokes, Covid, a pacemaker for me, staph infection, and so many more challenges. But we never gave up. I kept faith in God, and in myself, and learned to have faith in total strangers. 

We never gave up. I kept faith in God, and in myself, and learned to have faith in total strangers.

Three and a half years later, we have moved into our home. We have a long way to go and continue to face many challenges as the seasons change.  Still, together we’ve made it this far.

For anyone out there feeling their life’s foundations shaking, know this: the cracks can be repaired. Whatever things are put in your way, they are not ends, just places where you have to change your path. Your path might change, but don't you ever give up. Find what drives you. For me, it was my family. They're my why. Keep going, and remember, strangers can be your biggest cheerleaders.

Life throws storms our way, but we have the power to rebuild, to restore, to rise again. Examine your life, find the core that makes you want to change your life, and go for it!

That’s what I’ve learned, and that’s the message I carry. In the face of adversity, there's always a way to lay down new foundations and rebuild stronger than ever before.

Meet Bill Webster

My name is Bill Webster. I live with my wife and 3 of our kids. I’m a stroke survivor and former business owner.

Follow our "Making a Home" page where we share our up and down adventure of fixing up an old house, and our lives after I suffered two strokes.    

Follow here:  https://www.facebook.com/makingahome2020


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  • Susan Evans says:

    Wonderful, powerful, and courageous story. Thank you, Bill, and love and light to you and your family.

  • Jennifer Prince says:

    Oh wow! I’m so glad that Bill was able to find the help and support he needed. What a story!

  • That’s awesome you documented your journey and helping others. Great and inspiring story.

  • Kat says:

    sending heaps of strength and positive vibes your way! every step forward is a victory. Keep inspiring with your resilience.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this inspiring story and it only makes my heart full knowing that we all capable of recovery with positive energy – Knycx Journeying

  • Richard Lowe says:

    I know several people who have recovered from strokes. Some of them are doing well, some not so much. Thanks for the helpful tips.

  • Bill has had an incredible journey of recovery. Stories like this make me think of life.

  • Luna S says:

    It can be tough, my step-dad had a stroke about eleven years ago now when he was just 32. He struggled for quite some time & dealt with lasting heart issues, after ten years he finally got a new heart. He is now almost a year past his operation.

  • Beth says:

    I think it’s so beautiful the the house and the recovery were side-by-side like that. Just a wonderful, powerful story.

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