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Change Your Story, Create Your Beautiful Life

It's Your Story | You Get to Create Your Beautiful Life

It’s your life.  But who’s narrating your story? 

Many people are not living their beautiful life, because they’ve unconsciously given the rights to their life to someone or something else – parents, family, governments, religious institutions, teachers, gurus, peer groups, money, status, ego.

Unless we consciously choose otherwise, our lives will become shaped by our conditioning and the imposed expectations of others. 

For many that can look like …

  • Stressful mornings, waking to a hostile alarm, a hastily eaten breakfast while squeezing in self-care and spiritual practices when you can.
  • Moving through the day from one commitment to the next, with a never ending to-do-list, plus a never-ending goal list, and a never-ending list of things that need to be paid for.
  • Using all you're energy to make everyone else happy, but never really feeling happy yourself.
  • Evenings spent watching or flicking a screen, disconnected from deeper relationships with your family and other people in your life.
  • Feeling like a failure - ‘why can’t you just get it together’ you say to yourself, as you drown in a load of guilt and shame, thinking something must be wrong with you. (hint … that’s not true)
  • All the while you’re saying, “There’s got to be more to life than this!” (that’s true)

Up until this point, who has been narrating the story of your life.  Has it been you?

Remember, it’s your life and you get to narrate your own story – you get to choose the headlines and highlights, you get to edit, you get to frame up the ending.  It’s time to claim back the rights of your story.  Instead of allowing circumstances and society to dictate your stories – raise your hand and admit you, and only you,  have the authority to create and change the story of your life.  

Are you willing to take back what is rightfully yours?

Your life; designed by you, for you ... 

Your best possible, most beautiful life can emerge, only after you acknowledge what YOU really want and how you want to live. 

If you’re not yet sure of what you want, or you’re looking for a life re-write, then that’s okay. The narratives of your past, present and future stories are a key to living an inspired life designed by you, for you - as the author of your own life.

Hidden within your story are golden threads of desire guiding you into one beautiful life complete with spiritual connection and sensual pleasure.   If you do know what you want, then you’ll draw wisdom from your stories to help you get there quicker in a way that suits your style.  So, go ahead indulge yourself with the possibilities of how your beautiful life would look …

  • Love and be loved for who you are.
  • Live in a home and place that inspires you.
  • Do meaningful, purposeful work, where you start your day joyful and finish satisfied.
  • Navigate the inevitable down-days, recover quickly and reconnect to your purpose
  • Enjoy mindful daily connection with nature.
  • Take time for meaningful spiritual practice.
  • Stay fit and healthy, invigorated by your daily exercise routine.
  • Prepare food purposefully and eat your meals consciously and connected.
  • Explore your creativity and learn something new … a language, a musical instrument, to dance, paint, photography …
  • Travel to new destinations and make new connections along the way (live in villa on the Mediterranean 6 months of the year perhaps)

These are a few ideas to get your imagination going.  The key here is to remember that it’s your gift of life and you get to narrate your own story.

Create Your Beautiful Life 


Create Your Beautiful Life |
Start in the Present, NOW

Your life is made up of a continual stream of present moments...

As human beings, we create the meaning of our life by taking our experiences - both joys and struggles and linking them in a sequence - to create theme stories.  We use these stories to understand ourselves and the world around us.  

Present moments are like one frame after the next– flicking along the timeline of your life. As an adult, you are the narrator of your life;  you become the writer of your life.  You can slow the frame down, add color, speed it up, add detail, emotion and meaning.  

By changing the way you experience  present moments, you can go from being stressed out, living uninspired on autopilot to living a meaningful life, filled with love, beauty, creativity and connection..

Pay attention to how you are being and how you are doing ... 

How many everyday, routine moments become so familiar, that you just stop being present to the pleasure they can bring to your life?

A daffodil growing along the path, an urban painting on a wall you pass every day, the purr of a kitten, the taste of strawberry on your tongue, the scent of a sandal wood candle, a dance to music,  a shooting star in the black of the night, warm water running over your skin …

When you change the way you experience life moments at the sensory level, you can start changing the overall story of your life.

  • How are you being as you wake up?  Do you have a morning routine that inspires you?
  • What information do you fill your mind with?  What is the source?  Are their better stories you can tune in to that will inspire your beautiful life rather than fill you with uncertainty and fear?
  • How do you approach your day?  Do you incorporate things and activities into your day that bring you pleasure or are you waiting for the perfect circumstances? 
  • Do you have an evening wind-down routine, that honors you with time to nurture your body and spirit?  What can you do to give yourself a better night sleep?

Connecting to your higher source of wisdom

If you are open to it, you have access to wisdom from a divine source that sustains all living things and lives inside of you. You don’t need to fully understand this divine power to feel the influence in your life.

As humans we can be filled with fears, and doubts, conditioned with limitations from our upbringings, plagued with unkind voices that dwell in our mind. These are the stories that limit us and stop us from going after our dreams. Connecting with a Divine loving power, higher than our physical self, allows us to let go of stories of guilt, judgement, and disapproval.

These are replaced with stories of grace and love for ourselves and others.

Create Your Beautiful Life |
Uncover  Hidden Gems In Your Past Story

Re-discover Long-Forgotten Dreams & Desires 

Within the stories of your past, you will discover unique golden threads of desire; the special story threads weaved through your life right from the beginning - that if only you paid attention they would lead you to doing and being who you were went to be, doing what you were meant to do. 

Right from birth you entered a system crafted and directed by others who had expectations for you and your life.  As a child your family had their own expectations for you (and in many families those expectations remain throughout adulthood).  Then you entered school where you were told where and how to sit, what you should wear, what you should study, when to eat and how to play.  All the time being constantly graded against a standard set by a society that you were being molded to serve.   The expectations continued as you completed your education and entered the workforce.

Unless you’re like the few people who grow up in an environment where uniqueness is celebrated, and your family ensures your unique skills and talents are nurtured, then you find yourself completely out of sync with who you really want to be, and what you really love doing.   Because you've never really taken the time to think about it ...

Until now. 

Delving into your past stories, will help you uncover all of the YOU who has been cloaked in years of societal demands and expectations of others. 

Explore Your Special Skills that Carry You Through Down-Days & Hard Times 

At first, you may not see your special skills clearly, because these are often overlooked and unacknowledged by you and others. We tend to see the big troubles or struggles rather than seeing how amazing we’ve been in handling the hard times. But when you delve into your past stories, you will discover unique skills you’ve used to overcome challenges. Recognizing your special skills helps you to draw upon them as you face challenges in the course of changing your life.

Discover You’re a Flippin’ Miracle!   

You will also discover gems about yourself,  from the stories of your past – beyond your own lifetime.  Imagine your ancestors, go back as far as you can, and consider what they endured to bring you where you stand today:  Famine, wars, plagues, slavery, disasters, abuse, poverty, sickness, shipwrecks, racism, injustice, abandonment, hardship or more?
No matter where you are standing today, no matter if you haven't yet achieved everything you hoped, no matter what struggle you're facing right now; the strength of your ancestors carried you here.  The chances of you being born are one in 400 trillion.

Draw strength and hope knowing how amazing you are for being born and standing where you are today.   Understanding that you are indeed a flippin' miracle helps you to start changing your story and transforming your life from a place of empowerment, rather than victimhood.



When I looked back at my younger self, I drew inspiration from that young girl who’d fought wildfires, faced discrimination, endured injury and painful surgery.  I looked at that girl and how she coped during difficult times. I shed tears, I hadn't thought myself brave or courageous or doing anything special. But my younger self spoke to me during that difficult time, ‘oh my goodness, you are still her’



Take a look at what brought you to where you are today. No matter where you’re standing, you’re a flippin’ miracle.

Take a close look at your story, write it, tell it. Then delve into the stories of your ancestors ....
You’ll see, you’re 100% a flippin’ miracle. 💯

It helped me to see that I am awesome and that I do allow myself to be vulnerable. And that I am very good at accepting help!

Create Your Beautiful Life |
Re-Write  Unhelpful Stories 

Untangle Problem Stories Causing You Worry & Pain

Sometimes our thoughts, ideas, memories, and imaginings can get tangled up in our mind causing us to encounter a pattern of problem stories. These problem stories lead to stress, frustration, and a pattern of unhelpful decisions. When we fail to untangle the mess, we lose sight of the sparkling moments;  the beauty and meaning of life.   What we are left with is an unfulfilled life with ongoing problems which permeate our relationships, career, money, security, health other other important aspects of life.

By gently unraveling the tangles in your mind and heart; you make sense of your stories, freeing you to re-write an unhelpful past and create new stories for your future. You get to know yourself deeply in the present and discover what it is you really want from life.

Reauthor “Loser”, “Hopeless” Stories

As the authors of our own lives, we take back the authority to tell our own stories. Many of the stories we tell ourselves are based on experiences and the stories told to us to highlight apparent problems.  This leads to a negative view of self and affects the way we live our lives. We may call ourselves “losers”, or “hopeless”. 

By taking a deeper, broader look at the complete story, we will discover alternative stories that present a more positive narrative of ourselves.  This builds our self-esteem and confidence as we make changes to create our beautiful life. 

Reframe– Gain New Perspective on an Old Story

Everyone has the power to create their own beautiful, connected life by the way they frame-up their story.  Looking at the stories of your life through a different frame or a new lens allows for a broader understanding of a situation.  

By reframing your story, you are able to look at things with a new perspective.   This can help us deal with loss, disappointments and at times helps us turn challenges into opportunities.  Reframing can inspire forgiveness and help us to understand the actions of others contributing to meaningful relationships and peace of mind.   



Telling your story helps you to sort out your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  They can be mixed up inside of us.  But when you write about it, you put a label on it, you name it, you find out why and that helps you to untangle your mixed up thoughts.

Emem Etuk Uwem Akpan, nigeria // 


Standing at a place of self-love to recreate, to re-write your story choosing words that empower you to love, to succeed, to forgive. A switch in perspective not by telling a lie about the situation or incident, but a conscious choice to redesign the story, telling it as it is, but from a position of love.
I can see already that in so doing, you become in charge of the situation, not the other way round. You decide how you want to be affected or influenced by the incident or choice.

Reframing would become my first power tool… These facts offered the possibility of a new story

Create Your Beautiful Life |
Write New Stories for Your Future

There’s magic in your pen

As you  start freeing yourself to write about the desires for your life, you take those dreams resting in your heart and you transfer them on to the page ...

Your words on the page become physical, active symbols bridging the inner world of your imagination to the physical reality of your outer world … making your dreams one step closer to reality.

This is the beginning of writing new stories into your life.

Believe in Un-Seen Possibility

That's where prayer and community is so powerful.

Sometimes we can't believe that our beautiful life is possible, because we don’t yet believe in ourselves. Fears, doubts and unkind voices rise up when we set off on a new path of change. These are the stories (mostly birthed from lies told to us in our past) that limit us. Sometimes they are our own stories, often they are the voices of those closest to us.  

Connecting with a Divine loving power helps us to let go of past stories of fear, guilt, judgement, and disapproval. These old stories can then be replaced with stories of grace and love for ourselves and others. Experiencing a Divine source of power and love for you, helps you to envision new possibilities where it may have seemed impossible from the place you are now standing.

Equally important is being part of a loving supportive community.  Knowing you can discuss and share your story with others who care about you and your beautiful life gives us the confidence to keep moving forward along in our journey.  We are continuing encouraged and supported with words of encouragement and inspiring stories - ensuring us we are never alone.