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Share Your Story...

The world needs to hear your story ...

You are a one-of-a kind in the Universe. 

There’s never been another you, and there never will be again. The chances of you being born are one in 400 trillion.  Without your unique voice, the collective story of humanity remains incomplete… like a beautiful tapestry with a missing thread or a photograph with a missing pixel, a movie with a missing actor, a book with a missing chapter.

Think about what you’ve been through to bring you where you are today. No matter where you’re standing, you’re a flippin’ miracle. A unique miracle with individual perspectives, experiences and wisdom that only you can tell. To keep your story, is to keep special wisdom hidden from others. 

Share your story, change your life

As you share your story, you will be transformed in some way. 

How exactly, I can’t tell you.   There is mysterious liberation that comes from releasing your story. Not the surface story many openly share, but the true story of you; the story that lays hidden in the creases of your skin and the marrow of your bones... the story that reveals what you've experienced and who you really are under all the layers society has heaped upon you over the years.

I can't tell you how you personally will be transformed, only that it is different for every person. 

  • For some, sharing their story means being really seen and heard for the very first time. 
  • For others there is a release, a healing, a letting go of hurts and old unhelpful stories. 
  • Others discover something new about themselves… like seeing how amazing they are for the first time.  
  • Some of our story sharers have gone on to have their stories published in anthologies.
  • Others have been honored with an award and/or guest appearances.
  • Others have raised funds for charity and their communities

To find out how you’ll be changed, the first step is to share your story.


Writing it down helped me big time.  I was carrying a huge load and hadn't really let it go. I had a couple of tears writing my story but feel much lighter mentally now. Thank you Karletta for this wonderful opportunity. Am humbled and blessed.

Thomas Cowen, USA // Let Your Smile Change The World

The feedback has been tremendous. It's given me a big emotional uplift as people remember my son. We also raised money for our charity prompted by people reading the essay.


Sharing my story was an experience of life.  Karletta can see things that others can’t … I had not realized how strong I have been and this strength is one that I can project to other women that need to move on from their own fear to have the life that they deserve.

If you don’t tell your story, who will?

Tell your own story - it's yours to tell in your own voice. 

Don’t allow corporations, institutions, and others to continue telling stories on your behalf.  

Stories shared by main-stream media reflect only a portion of what is really going on in people's lives around the globe (and they are often fear inducing, commercially motivated narratives).  

When you share your personal story, you add truth to the global collective story by presenting your unique view from your country, culture, profession, gender, religion, socio-economic background, age ...

The biggest benefit to me was spreading awareness that people can live a positive life with sight loss. We have the same dreams everyone else does and can accomplish those dreams just as anyone else does. Having your magazine publish my story was another step in changing society's perspective, expectations and moving past the stereotypical barriers put on blind individuals. I'm really grateful for the attention to detail, the beautiful presentation and the platform given to me.

Fathima S Meer, South Africa// 


Talking about my face veil helps remove the veil (blinkers) that covers others' eyes.  I would like to engage in further conversation to put to bed the prejudiced and bigoted views that mainstream media espouses. Telling my story released the burden I felt weighing me down. I also understand now that I must be more open-minded to receive the goodness people offer.

Mehvi _ Pakistan

Mehvi Awan, Pakistan // WE ARE HUMAN TOO

I am very excited. I want to show people the positive side of my country. You became the reason that my dream comes true. I hope people will get to know more about my country.

Make a difference on a global scale

Your one story will touch the lives of many as your story ripples out into the world.

As people from around the globe read and share your story, you add another thread to our collective story.  You strengthen the connection between cultures, class and different communities.  You thicken a preferred narrative about humanity.  Empathy grows. Differences are embraced, similarities acknowledged. We learn from one another.  We find a way to accept each other. We don’t feel so alone as we become part of a more loving and connected world. 



It was very emotional to see how many people could relate and how many people were so supportive of my writing ability. I felt connected to the world around me and more confident in my writing ability.  Everyone has a story to tell. You never know whose life you'd be changing by sharing yours.

Jeannette Cumpston, USA // 


The story impacted my son very much. When I showed him the response of people from all over the world. He couldn't believe so many loved his story and were inspired to want to try it too. He said they made his heart warm and happy!  You never know who may be going through the same thing. Sharing your story can start the healing for you or another. It can inspire others to do acts of kindness.  Sharing stories spreads love and understanding and we encourage each other


Aamir Faiz, India//


Many people reached out to me to help, for appreciation, for motivation, and to understand our relief work in India, so that they can start something similar…  a few started a similar work in other cities by reading this story. 

Still not ready to share your story? 

That's Okay.  Let's explore what's stopping you...

  • I’m not sure what to write about.
  • I’m not sure anyone will be interested in my story?
  • I’m not a confident writer.
  • English isn’t my first language.
  • I don’t know where to start.

 If you can relate to any of the above, then download your 9 Step Story Guide.


I didn't believe I would be strong enough to put my story of healing out there. I’m Ugandan and wasn’t confident writing because English isn’t my mother tongue. But I received help with the editing and use of the English language. It wasn't as hard as I imagined. Other nationalities read my story. I am not alone, we are many. My story resonated with readers and they felt uplifted. It was healing. I had been thinking about writing about my experience and when I did, I got it off my chest. Don’t sit on your life's journey, go ahead and put your story out there. Its life changing.

Fathima S Meer, South Africa // MY PROFILE PICTURE IS A POT PLANT

My greatest fear was speaking about my religion and worrying about how people will react. With so much negative publicity in the media, it was the biggest challenge I faced. I spoke openly and honestly to Karletta Marie. I was worried she would lose her readers. She encouraged me to go for it, and her positivity helped make me brave and emboldened me. It was heart-warming to receive the good wishes and inspirational messages people shared. I was in awe that I could touch someone on a personal level.

Elizabeth Moldovan, Australia // 


I am constantly amazed that anyone would be interested in my life. I remember how reluctant I was initially with doubts and fears plaguing my mind. But sharing my story has once again reminded me that people need hope more than ever. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and beautiful site.

12 more reasons to share your story

  1. You want to add your voice to a greater collective spreading empathy and understanding around our globe
  2. You want the healing that comes from knowing yourself more deeply
  3. You've been told by friends/family that you should share your story
  4. You want to gift your family with knowing you and the life you lived
  5. You’ve had experiences, far too valuable not to share with others
  6. You want to share your TRUTH
  7. You want others to see you, as you really are or perhaps experience you in a way they have never seen before
  8. You have a message to share, you want a voice, you want to get your message out
  9. You are motivated by the desire to share your experience to help others who find themselves in a situation you’ve been through
  10. You wish to celebrate the mystery and complexity of your unique life
  11. You want a new creative outlet for your ideas, thoughts and feelings
  12. You want to explore your story, knowing you will discover something new about yourself and the characters in your life

Kristina Risinger, USA // 


Each time I share my story, my purpose becomes clearer. Sharing my story on Daily Inspired Life has been an inspiration for further writing and projects.



I love this and what you are doing.  Thank you for giving me and many other women a platform to share our stories



I’m honored and excited by this enriching experience and that I could inspire people …  Thank you for trusting me and working with me!