30 Second Stories To Uplift Your Spirits In Lock Down | Inspiring Stories #64 - Daily Inspired Life

30 Second Stories To Uplift Your Spirits In Lock Down | Inspiring Stories #64

The world is full of kindness.
When we open our eyes to see it, we can receive it.

 A young boy's note to an old woman in the UK, unexpected kindness spilling on to the streets in USA, the trust and kindness shared with strangers in Norway ... 

The Smallest of Gestures Can Make a Big Impact

Today I rang my parents to be told about a little boy who goes past their home on his scooter. Every day he stops and waves at them.  Yesterday he put a note through their door, telling them how glad he was that they were keeping well and safe and how happy he is to still see them every day.  He also painted a picture of a rainbow which they have now put in their window. What a beautiful and touching sentiment from such a young lad.

It goes to show how the smallest of gestures have such a big impact and how wonderful to know there are still some nice people in the world.  ~  Maxine Clarke, Cyprus.    Her story from  the community of Shard End, Birmingham UK


Maxine's mother, Dawn Bottrell and her rainbow

Kindness Spilling on the Streets

I was out to run some errands and on my way, I passed a number of people walking. This included couples holding hands, an older man walking his dog, a teen age boy walking and enjoying the sun and a mom and a little girl biking.   

As I was driving past them, I noticed almost all of them turning their face toward me and waving hands or smiling with some pleasant feelings.

The boy was fully alert and calm as he was walking and enjoying the silence.    Before the “Stay at Home” orders, I drove on this road almost every day and I don’t remember such collective sanity and kindness spilling on the corners of the streets.

This is just to say that difficult times like the ones we are experiencing right now have the capacity to touch and open humanity in such an intense way.  ~ Guthema Roba, USA

... difficult times like the ones we are experiencing right now have the capacity to touch and open humanity in such an intense way.

In Strangers We Trust

This is us on a lake in Norway.   The owners of this canoe leave it accessible for everybody. Strangers can enjoy a tour on the lake!  The canoe also comes with a cabin!  The same principle applies.  The cabin is always open, never locked.  The canoe and cabin are privately owned, we can rent it for free.  This is about trusting in the good of people. What a wonderful world!

~ Mara Zimmerli, Switzerland (currently in Norway) 


Touching story of human kindness.   On a bus from Phoenix to LA a woman hands over her last forty dollars.  But that wasn't the end of her story...   

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touching story of human kindness - she gave her last $40
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    Lovely inspiring stories

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    Awww love the first one, so cute

  • It is interesting to stop and see human nature at its best. I love that people are doing more things and taking the time to smell the roses, before it seems like we were just racing through life, and not truly appreciating it.

  • Tiffany says:

    Love this! I walk every day. There are several chalk drawings and signs of encouragement throughout the route. It is wonderful to see these stories all across the world! Thank you for sharing.

  • The stories of solidarity have been very inspiring. These gestures don’t have to be big to make a positive impact on someone.

  • Aww I love this! Definitely what we need to see more of in the world. Thank you!

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