What stories can teach you about YOU … -

What stories can teach you about YOU …

"Each story shared is like a mirror, reflecting back to us an important message we need to hear."      

Over 100 inspiring stories published on Daily Inspired Life and I've received 1000+ messages and comments from readers.   99.9% of messages are positive.  Occasionally, there will be some gentle feedback (not so positive).  Recently, someone mentioned that the stories weren't really that inspiring.  Have you ever felt that way?

It's true, Daily Inspired Life shares stories from ordinary people from around our globe.  We aim to avoid sensational stories that are already well represented in mainstream media channels. The stories we showcase here, are shared with the belief that every single person has a story of value to share.   We honor the extraordinary found in the ordinary everyday lives of humankind.  Every time we lean in to the story of another, we recognize that we are all flippin' miracles in our own way.  

Each story shared is like a mirror, reflecting back to us an important message we need to hear. 

So what's going on with my friend who can't find the inspiration in the stories of others? In this video message, I share my thoughts around this and believe you will find them helpful too when it comes to using these stories to create a beautiful life for yourself.   



Newly divorced, with no prospects for a 57 year old woman living in a foreign country, Cynthia thought her life was over.

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Found in a trash-can in the backstreets of South Korea to becoming an international empowerment coach and motivational speaker;  Sasha takes you

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Σκαλοχώρι village,  Lesvos, Greece A beautiful piece from Claire Lloyd about finding happiness in the changing seasons of village life.   The

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Award-winning  photographer, Susan Greeff, shares a heartwarming story about a Surma boy who teaches her a powerful lesson about what's really important in

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A  beautiful story about human kindness.  Just one small act of love and kindness can make a difference to more than one

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​ ​Here's a story to lift your spirits and help you remember there's kindness in humanity. I’ve been extremely discouraged with how

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A beautiful piece from Mary-Anne Willow about emerging from difficult times into a place of peace, courage, light and hope.   Even

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Determined to fulfill her life-long dream to shine in the spotlight, Mara quits her job and runs away with the circus, where

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"Old But Not Alone"   A touching story highlighting the work of "Grannies in Demand" and the older folk they help in the care homes of Israel.  

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