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I Won My Dream Job at 59 Years Old | By Barrie Tabor

At only 59 Years of Age Barrie Goes For Her Dream Job as a Flight Attendant.  A short story about not giving up on your dreams.Since I was about ten years old, I’ve had the dream of becoming a flight attendant. As I got older, I chose to put that dream on hold.  I wanted to […]


The Song of the Nightingale | After Winter Must Come Spring

A beautiful piece from Mary-Anne Willow about emerging from difficult times into a place of peace, courage, light and hope.  Even the Saints cannot mould events to their wishes, so our failure to do so must not dismay us. We are part of something bigger, and events take their course, driven by some other logic […]


Discovering Happiness | A Short Story by Lizette Mendieta

“Discovering Happiness is a place to shine light on the little things: like the connections we make … the peace found in nature, the special moments  – like my precious memory of George, who inspired my curiosity to explore the world.”I was fascinated with his big eyes, and greenish skin.  As a child I would […]


Breathe, Breath of God, Please Breathe | Finding Hope in Your Journey Through Grief

A beautiful story from Kristina Risinger about renewing hope after great loss.  ​”Grief has the power to seize breath and create feelings of suffocation. However, once breath is restored, grief has the propensity for fostering amazing growth and purpose.”   Breathing is the most effortless action we will ever take, yet in some moments we find […]


Spellbound by the Circus Spotlight

Determined to fulfill her life-long dream to shine in the spotlight, Mara quits her job and runs away with the circus, where she learns the ultimate lesson in vulnerability Secretly I always wanted to be on stage and shine in the spotlight. When I was twenty-six years old,  I quit my security job in Switzerland, to run […]


Say YES to Happy by Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui

Short, meaningful story about Happiness.  Taking a walk on a New Orleans street, Krista ponders on Happiness.  How can you be happy when not all in the world is right?My husband and I walked along a noisy New Orleans street, glasses steaming up from the humidity, our bellies full from an amazing meal.We felt happy. […]


“You’d Be Pretty Without Those Scars” by Karletta Marie

Short story about discovering what true beauty really means …   Subscribe The scent of nail varnish, L’Oreal shampoo and hair dye settle in my nostrils.  The mirror clad walls reflect soft down-lights on ivory coloured tiles, and I hear Mariah Carey’s,  “I don’t wanna cry” playing in the background.   I’m draped in an unflattering […]


The Last Time | Savour Every Moment

Photograph by Bruno Nascimento”Is this the last time?” Jenny asked.A special reminder:appreciate life right now, instead of in hindsight.Yesterday I went for a walk along the beach with Benj. He’s nine and a half.  Holding hands has been a no-no for a while now.  It was sunny, the sea was sparkling, we were chatting. Me:  Can […]


The Wisest Woman I Have Ever Known by Sasha Frugone

A confronting story about the deep hurt inflicted by prejudice and the wise words that brought healing into a young woman’s troubled life.  In my seventeenth year of life, I was privileged to visit a woman who lived in a shanty that was supported on stilts above a swamp, with dirt-packed floors and a thatched […]

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