Be Someone’s Lasagne Dish by Breeaynna Olberding | When Kindness Keeps Memories Alive | Inspiring Story #78

Be Someone’s Lasagne Dish by Breeaynna Olberding | When Kindness Keeps Memories Alive | Inspiring Story #78

A delightful story of human kindness, especially for anyone who has ever lost a beloved grandfather or grandmother 💕

I lost this amazing man almost two years ago, he was my person;   my grandfather and one of the best people I will ever have the privilege of knowing.

Try to imagine the best hug you’ve ever had.  A hug that makes you feel safe, warm, and peaceful. That was him.

His favorite thing in the entire world was to go and eat the local restaurant’s lasagne which they served in a plain, white, oval dish.

I’d been patiently waiting for them to reopen due to COVID,  when I received the devastating news that they were closing their doors for good.

I was beside myself. I’d never have a piece of him with me again. I reached out to the restaurant asking to purchase a dish and amazingly they sent me several, free of charge.

"A stranger opened their heart and filled mine."

I couldn’t believe it. A stranger opened their heart and filled mine. Their kindness was amazing. The world we live in offers little kindness and love and sometimes it can be hard to see the good. That was a good day.

Be someone’s lasagna dish. Offer kindness and love, you won’t regret it... I promise.

About the author, Breeaynna Olberding

I am a feminist,  stay-at-home mom (talk about a walking contradiction), I love my family fiercely and strive to raise my babes to change the world. 


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  • Aww, what a sweet article about kindness. Thanks for sharing. We needed this.

  • Bjha says:

    Great article on kindness and the hope of goodwill still eminent in this world. Great read!

  • Alyssa says:

    That is a beautiful memory of your grandfather. I’m sorry to hear that restaurant shut down, but I’m glad you received a gift of kindness! Thank you for sharing this story!

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