Broadening The Positive Stories Beyond Ourselves |

Broadening The Positive Stories Beyond Ourselves

This morning (or this evening) depending on where you are in the world, when you turned on your television or picked up a paper or you looked at your news feed, the majority of stories you received were most likely based on some kind of trauma, crime, disaster, injustice...

These stories are important because we need to be conscious of what’s going on around the world, so we are moved to act.    What we are less likely to see in the media are stories of humanity supporting each other through crisis, how we are working to overcome problems, our strength and the special skills we’ve developed to survive.  These stories are equally important because they give us courage to act.  They change the way we think about ourselves and the world around us, giving us hope and strength to keep moving forward.  

So here's a question ... What changes can we make,  so we continue to receive stories that inform us of the injustice, tragedy and disasters ... at the same time equally receive the positive stories that showcase the good in humanity? 

Right now there's a mismatch. There's an imbalance and it’s affecting how we think, feel and act. 

What changes can we make,  so we continue to receive stories that inform us of the injustice, tragedy and disasters ...  at the same time equally receive the stories that showcase the good in humanity?        

A friend dropped by recently.  She sat down, her face stressed, “I don't know what's going on with the world. I'm feeling really flat. I'm feeling so down.”   Her feelings are valid.   She often reports to me on what she has seen on the news:  the latest crime figures, the disasters and how she’s worried about the economy.  It’s not surprising she’s feeling flat.  She’s had a whole lot of stories fed into her mind, through her news feed, through the paper, through her social media channels … but these stories are only presenting one view - focused on the problems.

So, what can we do?  What can I do? What can you do to help bring balance into that feed to make sure the positive stories that give us courage, the uplifting stories that showcase our resilience are being shared equally?

Daily Inspired Life is on a mission to do just that.  As readers of Daily Inspired Life, you too help make that change by reading, commenting and sharing the stories that showcase the inspiring, uplifting and positive. 


"Old But Not Alone"   A touching story highlighting the work of "Grannies in Demand" and the older folk they help in the care homes of Israel.  

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  • Viano says:

    In a world of chaos, the best thing we can do is to love. Love ourselves first, and love others. Everyone is going through something and just a little compassion can go a long way.

  • Nishtha says:

    Great post. Yes we def need more positivity and encouragement and what better way than to share kindness stories all around us

  • Cheyenne says:

    This is so great! You touched upon so many important concepts that we need to remember today:)

  • I do agree the world needs a little more positive energy in it right now. I think the news media and social media has unfortunately be spearheading the negativity storm that we are seeing in our world. Maybe our mama’s were right, if you can’t say anything nice….

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