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One Favour Changed My Life 🌸 by Tram, Vietnam

Pregnant and exhausted, Tram couldn’t see a way out of her monotonous home-to-work, work-to-home daily routine… until one day a friend asks her for a favour. Tram’s story is about hope for a better life. It’s about giving …,and receiving so much more in return.


Six Months To Burn Out 🌸 Saved By Kenya

To Annika, a business woman from Germany, the most important things in life are her looks, career, money and lifestyle. When Annika finds herself at the point of burn out, she heads to Kenya for a solo beach-side vacation.where she discovers a new world of freedom that will change her forever.


They Laughed When I Said “I Want To Work Remotely and Travel The World”

I sat down at the black marble-top table, my face blushing hot red as Narelle & Megan choke back their laughter…Narelle and Megan were two human resource consultants who regularly ran workshops for corporate companies and government departments.  Narelle would often call me in to assist with preparing workshop content & course materials.  It was Monday […]


Charming, Fairy-Tale … Medieval Village, Lacoste France, $0 per month

Medieval Village, Lacoste, France​”I stop still, shhh, to listen … a man sings in the distance; a voice of love forlorn, beckoning me to follow the ghosts of lost lovers from long ago …” The buzzing of a bee passing by, butterflies dancing over purple wisteria. Dormant grapevines wake, sprouting new leaves. Sweet fragrance wafting up […]