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I Met My Husband in an Airport Queue by Helen Brown

A  Short Love Story About Finding Love In The Most Unexpected Places … “Holidays for Single People” …  When Helen Googled those words over twelve years ago,  she had no idea she would find the love of her life in an airport queue  ​Can you picture the scene?   I was in my mid-30s.  I had my […]


Rekindled Love for You, Manila by Gene Rose

Have you ever traveled to Manila?  Listen, as Gene, a young woman traveling the Philippines beautifully expresses rekindled love for her birthplace. I was at the point where I was ready to leave you, for good.  You have been slacking for years and it’s taking a toll on us. I chose to turn a blind eye to the […]


Kenya – My Life Changing African Adventure

To Annika, a business woman from Germany, the most important things in life are her looks, career, money and lifestyle. When Annika finds herself at the point of burn out, she heads to Kenya for a solo beach-side vacation.where she discovers a new world of freedom that will change her forever.


They Laughed When I Said “I Want To Work Remotely and Travel The World”

I sat down at the black marble-top table, my face blushing hot red as Narelle & Megan choke back their laughter…Narelle and Megan were two human resource consultants who regularly ran workshops for corporate companies and government departments.  Narelle would often call me in to assist with preparing workshop content & course materials.  It was Monday […]

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