Random Act of Kindness | How One Simple Act Can Transform Your Entire Day | by Kat Johansen | Inspiring Story #186

Random Act of Kindness | How One Simple Act Can Transform Your Entire Day | by Kat Johansen | Inspiring Story #186

Discover the magic of 'Random Acts of Kindness' as a grandmother seeks to brighten her spirits during a tough time. A simple, unexpected gesture at the local coffee shop changes her day in ways she never imagined – and will inspire you to believe in the power of kindness to transform your world.

I got up this morning feeling like I needed a little me time; time to take a break from the daily grind and indulge in thoughtful reflection. Things just haven’t been the same for the past few weeks …

A few weeks ago, my son and grandson waved us goodbye as they headed for an overseas holiday. My grandson is almost five now, and I’ve not really been apart from him since his birth. Since the day he was born, I’ve been his part-time babysitter. I have been there through every stage of his growth. We are very close. He often stays with us, and I take him to Kindy and pick him up most days.

My life is full and active taking care of my grandson. The house is always buzzing with comings and goings, things to do, and places to go. But since my son and grandson left, there’s been an unusual quiet that’s settled over our home.

I’ve found myself in a kind of limbo like I'm going through the empty nest cycle once again. As I watch their travels on WhatsApp, I want to reach out, hold them both, and plant kisses on their cheeks. 

I needed something extraordinary to lift my spirits and lighten the empty nest feelings weighing on my heart.

I made my way to the big shopping complex – The Hyperdome on the south side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. As I entered the complex, the Coffee Club beckoned me to try something new - a Dirty Chai. I ordered my drink and settled into a cozy couch. I perused the menu and chose a chicken cheese toastie, substituting the avocado for onion. The friendly waitress took my order, and I savored every sip of the delicious Dirty Chai.

I sat for a while contemplating things and planning the rest of my day. Then I got up to go to the counter and pay ... 

I approached the waitress and handed her my docket. She smiled and said, “That's already been paid for.”

I was taken aback and looked at her in surprise. “Really?”  Then she said the words that I will never forget.

“It was a random act of kindness, and it happens a lot.”

I was shocked. I'd heard about these random acts of kindness but never really believed them. And I certainly never thought it could happen to me.

Today, I experienced it firsthand. There are good, kind people out there in the world. And they show up when you need them most. Thank you so much to the kind person who made my day.  I left home this morning feeling a little flat and lost. I returned with a skip in my step, feeling excited about sharing my story and repaying the kindness to someone else.

I was shocked. I'd heard about these random acts of kindness but never really believed them. And I certainly never thought it could happen to me.

12 days later:

I paid it back today, the random act of kindness. The only thing is, I couldn't stay anonymous, as the Coffee Club I went to did it differently. So, the girl I paid for was told in front of me. The waiter pointed me out. She couldn't believe it and thanked me. She was so shocked and happy. I simply smiled, explaining that I was passing on the kindness I'd received not long ago.

Meet Kat Johansen

Hello, I'm Kat Johansen, a proud mother to two wonderful children, a devoted wife to my amazing husband, and grandmother extraordinaire to a spirited almost five-year-old boy. When I'm not busy with family, you'll often find me embracing my role as a self-confessed crazy cat lady, doting on my beloved pet cat, Pekan, who never leaves my side.

My passion for family, kindness, and the little joys of life inspired me to share the heartwarming story of a random act of kindness that transformed my day. I hope my tale inspires you to believe in the magic of unexpected gestures and the power of kindness to brighten our spirits.

I'd love to hear about your tales of Random Acts of Kindness.  Please leave me a comment below.  


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  • MK Simth says:

    Good to know their is kindness left in the world for this generation.

  • thomas says:

    Brings back faith in the world. Reminds me of when lost in middle of nowhere Colombia, a policeman escort me to safety!

  • Tomaso says:

    GREAT!! Wish many more would take s ‘make somebody else day netter’ attitude.
    Benediciones, #183

  • Fransic says:

    A random act of kindness is always the best. I love doing it as well. Great post!

  • Clarice says:

    This is amazing! I love that you paid it forward. You just inspired me to do my own random act of kindness. Hope to read more stories like this.

  • Rosey says:

    A dirty chai sounds good. I’ve been hit with a random act of kindness recently too. 🙂

  • SONIA says:

    I was touched by the story you shared about the woman who bought a coffee for the stranger in line behind her. It shows the power of kindness and it is a reminder that even the smallest gesture can profoundly impact someone’s day.

  • Julie says:

    My proud act of kindness was bringing a street beggar hot chocolate and a hamburger on a freezing cold day. I want to start making bags of needed items to give out the next time I see one.

  • Debbie says:

    I love these wonderful acts of kindness. I’ve had it happen, and it really brightens my day to pass it along.

  • Ntensibe says:

    Nnniiiccceeeeeeee….good people do exist in the world. I just hope they aren’t taken advantage of.

  • Karletta Marie says:

    So happy to have you here Kath. Having a family member share their story makes it extra special. Love that this happened to you, and why would you ever think it couldn’t happen to you. You totally deserve good things in your life. xoxo

    • Kathy Johansen says:

      Thankyou Karletta
      It sure made my day and as soon as it happened I wanted to share it with you first as you are my inspiration in trying to achieve happiness and positivity in my life.

  • Richard Lowe says:

    Someone did exactly the same thing to me recently. Totally made my day.

  • bright loveland snow says:

    kindness they say is the birth of love. and its something everyone mush show to each other to brighing the day

  • Heather k says:

    This is a heartwarming story. We all need reminder that there are still good people in the world.

  • Ben says:

    Your experience is a perfect example of how the small things can make the world a better place a little bit at a time. Love it.

  • Beth says:

    I’m a firm believer of random acts of kindness. In my opinion, they’re the single best way to make the world a better place from the ground up.

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