Choose Happiness | by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #165

Choose Happiness | by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #165


Will she choose happiness?  A true story about being open to receiving unexpected signs that show up as wise messengers in our life.  The question is, when they show up, will we listen?  

Seven years ago, I sat in a London cab, watching people, cars, and double-decker buses go by.  I’d just flown into England after a long-haul flight from my home country, Australia.  I had some big decisions to make about my future…

Stay stuck where I was, ignoring my intelligence and intuition.  Stay people-pleasing, doing things that I found no pleasure in.  Continue living as if my purpose was to make others happy, at the expense of my own happiness …

Then this bus drove past the cab.  Seeking to capture a quintessential London scene, I randomly held my phone to the window and snapped.  Later, when I settled into the hotel room, I took out my phone to look at the picture.  “Turned out quite well for a random snap,” I thought.

When I looked a little closer, I noticed a hashtag written on the side of the double-decker …


And on that trip, that's exactly what I did.

This beautiful life I now enjoy emerged after I decided to choose.  I chose to love my gift of life as my own.  I chose to love myself as much as I loved others.  I chose to write my own story instead of someone writing it for me.

Love, joy, peace, and happiness in life come from a spirit within - on the inside.  It can’t be gained from doing more, having more, doing what others want you to do, or anything external. 

It starts with us, from a spirit within that then radiates out …

If deep down, there is something “off”, or “not quite right”, or “missing” in your life. 

If sometimes, you think, “There has to be more to life than this.”

Well, you’re right.  Deep inside, you know.  

You can choose to ignore your intuition and continue as you are …

Or you can ... 




After I shared this story, I noticed something else in the picture I snapped that night.  Look at the man on the road, walking through traffic.  What is he doing?  What's he pointing at?

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Karletta Marie is the creator of  Daily Inspired Life.  

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  • Evelyn says:

    I did see # choose happiness on the bus where the man pointed his finger. What a revelation! To those who wanted to change their route in life. I believe in my case I started to have a re- routing in my life choices, though in slower progress. Thank you Karletta for the motivation.

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Evelyn – I’m so glad you’re making progress (even if you feel it’s slow) I have found slower, gentler progress that we grow into, longer-lasting than the quick fixes many are tempted to go after. And I like the way you term your progress “re-routing”.

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