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Telling Your Naked Truth | The Power of Sharing Story

Dare to Bare Your Soul … When you share your heart, dare to bare your soul;when you go naked with all your truth.The pain, well it can break you apart and in suffering shame your fragility is magnificently exposed.But take heart brave soul, for we hear your words and feel the cuts of your shattered self.  We […]


Beautiful Things Take Time | Inspiring Story #80

Remember, beautiful things take time…I’d returned to Australia.   Spring was coming to a close and Jacaranda trees bloomed all over Brisbane.  Have you ever stood under a Jacaranda?  Have you ever danced upon her carpet with the sun filtering through her leaves?     A Jacaranda in full bloom is a like nature’s Royal Queen […]


Changing the Headline of Your Life | Your Choice To Re-Tell Your Story

Picture a young girl, the sixth child in a family of seven children.  The family lived one street over from an industrial area.   Fumes spilt out of the factories and into the air daily.  The girl’s father worked hard as a garbage collector to provide for the family – this was at a time when […]


Your Story is More Powerful than Positive Books, Quotes & Affirmations

Mary* walked into my office and stood for a moment looking at the positive quotes and affirmations mounted on the wall behind my computer.  Right in the centre was a small blue framed poster I’d purchased as a child for $2 with my pocket money.  “Who you are is God’s gift to you, who you become […]


Live the Life You Love | Writing Your Future Story

Sunlight filters through the grapevine, showering us with confetti light.     The breeze gently brushes across my checks and forehead.   I look out to the horizon, over the the Med, a perfect backdrop to friends conversing and laughing loud … I sit back, relaxed, lift my wine glass and take a sip of the […]


Where Will Your Best Self Emerge?

I threaded my fingers through John’s and glanced across the waters.  We were taking our early evening walk along the shoreline.  The sun had just set over the Mediterranean Sea, smudging the sky sherbet orange and candy pink.  Across the bay, villages along the coastline had begun to turn on their lights, twinkling up the […]


Inspire Me | Open Your Eyes to Something Beautiful

Simple changes to your morning routine can bring more balance, joy and peace into your life.  In this story we take a look at what you first see and hear in the morning …Slow Down         WAKE-UP  WITH ME IN SKALACHORI,  LESVOS,  GREECEI dreamed of mountains, I dreamed of sea. I found myself […]


Be Inspired by The Simple Things In Life

Close your eyes … imagine the same divine power that causes the birds to sing, the pines to sway and the branches to swing … Imagine that same divine power that sustains all life, sustaining you. Every single breath you take, a gift … The word “Inspire” comes from the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), […]


Look for the Beauty Around You

We experience and perceive our world through our core senses – what we see, listen to, smell, touch, taste. Whatever it is you’re taking in through your senses are influencing your thoughts and feelings … right now. And right now, more than ever we need to be conscious of this and monitor what we are allowing […]

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