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Telling Your Naked Truth | The Power of Sharing Story

Dare to Bare Your Soul … When you share your heart, dare to bare your soul;when you go naked with all your truth.The pain, well it can break you apart and in suffering shame your fragility is magnificently exposed.But take heart brave soul, for we hear your words and feel the cuts of your shattered self.  We […]


Better Stories to Beautiful Lives – A Pathway to Happiness | By Karletta Marie

How will “better stories” help you create your own beautiful life?Over the past few years, Daily Inspired Life has gently evolved to become a place where we don’t just read and share inspiring stories. Together, we use the power of narrative to consciously create our own beautiful lives and actively send out positive narratives into […]


Your Season to Shine by Karletta Marie | Short Story of Hope | Inspiring Story #118

 If your season is not now, trust that it’s on the way. Keep hoping, keep expecting…I’ve walked this path more than 100 times, winding into mountains, through the orange of autumn, around grey winter skies, under storms,  drenched skin, shivers down my spine. “How long will this grey season last?” I’d ask Thorny Bush as I […]


Bad News, One Sided Views & Affected Mood | By Karletta Marie

“How can we change the broader culture so that we continue to broadcast and be outraged and saddened by acts of cruelty, violence, and dispossession; and yet at the same time begin to equally broadcast and honor tender and inspiring survival stories, as well as people’s acts of care and protection?” ~ Retelling the Stories of […]


Write a New Story for Your New Life | 22 Narrative Resources

22 Narrative Resources To Get You Started Creating Your New Beautiful Life Use these narrative resources to explore your past, present and future story.  Reframe your past in a way that your experiences are helpful to you.  Get to know yourself deeply in the present andDiscover what you want,  so you can create powerful new stories […]


Write 1000 Sparkling Moments into Your Life | by Karletta Marie

1000 crystals twinkle upon the sea.  A path leads me to the horizon, calling me to cross the line into unseen possibility … that magical place where life’s sparkling moments are born of dreams. As a teenager, if you told me that I’d be standing here, experiencing one of life’s sparkling moments I’d say, it was just […]


Creating Your Inspired Lifestyle

This simple exercise was part of the self-discovery work that led me to live this beautiful life I now enjoy. An inspired life. A life I call Living Rich – without needing to be rich 🌸


Live the Life You Love | Writing Your Future Story

Sunlight filters through the grapevine, showering us with confetti light.  The breeze gently brushes across my cheeks and forehead.  I look out to the horizon, over the Med, a perfect backdrop to friends conversing and laughing loudly … I sit back, relax, lift my wine glass and take a sip of the red. “Ah life,” I say […]

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