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Karletta Marie | Stories | My Inspired Life

Collection of Stories & Quotes by Karletta Marie “You’d Be Pretty Without Those Scars” by Karletta Marie Challenging The Idea of a Successful & Happy Life Trip to the “Troubles” Changed The Way I Viewed The World Gave Away Her Last $40 … On a Bus Headed To LA by Karletta Marie Woman of Iron […]


Creating Your Inspired Lifestyle

This simple exercise was part of the self-discovery work that led me to live this beautiful life I now enjoy. An inspired life. A life I call Living Rich – without needing to be rich 🌸


Magical Moment On The Streets of Krakow, Poland

She Sang On The Streets of Krakow A Night To Remember Download  Your Copy of This Free Guide -49 ways women are earning a real income to fund their freedom travel lifestyle (even without being young, hot, sexy, rich, beautiful or bikini clad bloggers) Yes! Send My Free Guide


A Love Letter from My Husband

​Love Letter from My Husband25 Years Ago I Married My Best Friend. Don’t be afraid of the “friend-zone”He was my best friend.  We told each other everything.  I knew his secrets.  He knew mine.  We fell in love. My father and I fought about him. My sister-in-law (one of them) told me, “Be careful, he could have a […]


They Laughed When I Said “I Want To Work Remotely and Travel The World”

I sat down at the black marble-top table, my face blushing hot red as Narelle & Megan choke back their laughter…Narelle and Megan were two human resource consultants who regularly ran workshops for corporate companies and government departments.  Narelle would often call me in to assist with preparing workshop content & course materials.  It was Monday […]