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Write Your Inspiring Story


In this live, online workshop you will be guided step-by-step, as you write your inspiring short story. 

This is what we'll cover:

  • How to write your story in a way that takes your reader on a journey with you
  • 5 Important questions to get clear on your story's main message (this is what you really want to say in your story)
  • How to create a scene that engage your reader's emotions
  • 3 important points to include in your story structure (how to identify them, and how to write them in to your story)
  • How to select a HOOK that will capture your reader's attention from the start
  • How to write Your "Wisdom Summary" (this will inspire your readers think and act upon your story)
  • How to continue inspiring and motivating readers long after your story has been published


Write Your Inspiring Story

The workshop gave me more than what I expected. I learned how to write a story and how to captivate the audience. It taught me what the readers want to see and made me more educated in story writing.

What a wonderful experience! I look forward to reading many more inspiring stories. 

Putting words to a page helped me reflect a lot on the season of my life illustrated in my story and helped confirm what I already knew... that I've changed for the better! Especially in regards to being overly concerned with what others think of me.


JANINE DURSO  // the love ripple

Sharing my story and hearing from so many people about it reminded me that the world is smaller than we think and if we can always act from a place of love, we can really make an impact. 

Dr Manisha Rayavarapu //Faith & Finding a Way

You never know who needs to hear your story. You never know who your story will help. And telling your story may just help you too.

I strongly recommend every individual to share their life story. It would be great lesson for others. Karletta is doing an amazing work. She is candle for others.

Fathima S Meer // My Face Is a Pot Plant

Karletta showed me how to grab the reader's attention from the start, draw them in, and how to bring out the essence of my story succinctly. She helped me process what I wanted to say.

Amy Bovaird //Legally Blind at 60, Still Raking Leaves

Karletta helped me cull out the heart of my message by keeping the word count low enough to keep the attention of her busy readers but strong enough to showcase my story. I liked the step-by-step process that incorporated enough time for me (the writer) to craft a strong piece in a bite-sized morsel.

Nhez Rojo // Orange Sky, Continuing the Legacy of those Loved & Lost

Karletta helped me develop my story better by the suggestions she gave. My story became complete, more inspirational and relatable.