While There’s Life There’s Hope | From Traumatic Brain Injury to Graduating Top 10 with Honors | By Sushmita Saha | Inspiring Story #116

While There’s Life There’s Hope | From Traumatic Brain Injury to Graduating Top 10 with Honors | By Sushmita Saha | Inspiring Story #116

"While there's life, there's hope."  

One Friday night, Sushmita Saha's seventeen-year-old son fails to return home.  She soon discovers he is in a coma, suffering a traumatic brain injury.

   Sushmita is moved to share her story as a way to pass on hope to other parents and children who are going through a tough phase of life...  

It was Friday evening.  I stood in the kitchen cooking dinner. My husband and daughter were upstairs watching TV.  I looked out at the day sky transitioning to night.  My seventeen-year-old son, Ayush, would be home soon.  We’d soon be seated eating fried rice and chicken masala chops - one of my son’s favorites.

The phone rang.  A lady on the other side said, “Ayush Saha?”

I said, “Yes, I am the mother.“

She said, “I am calling from the hospital.  Your son is here, and you need to come here immediately.“

A hot wave of panic rushed up my spine.  “Is he OK? What happened?” I asked.

She replied, “I cannot tell you over the phone.  You need to come here.“

My husband, my daughter and I rushed to the hospital trauma center.  My son lay unconscious. Bruises and blood covered his face.  Tubes hung from his body.  Monitors beeped, bleeped and buzzed.  Doctors and nurses rushed around him.

A nurse asked, “Are you the mom?”

I nodded.  I could not speak.  He said, “Your son met with an accident and is in a coma.”

I wanted to ask, “Is he going to be OK?” Instead, my whole body shook.  I opened my mouth, but no words came out. The nurse gave me water and brought me a chair to sit down. I felt numb. My head went blank, my throat dry.  I was in a daze.  My husband and daughter held me to stop me from shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

I looked at my son and thought, “God, you cannot take him away from me, I will not let you.”

My son was a smart, athletic and happy teenager in his senior year of high school.  Every day he enjoyed being outdoors, riding his scooter around our area.  That Friday evening, he met with an accident riding downhill.  His head hit the pavement causing internal hemorrhage, cheekbone fracture, a traumatic brain injury and multiple bruises.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. The nurse gave me water and brought me a chair to sit down. I felt numb. My head went blank, my throat dry. I was in a daze ... 

Ayush was an athletic and happy teenager.  Here he is doing his acrobatic flips!

The next few days in the ICU, I sat by his bedside.  I held his hand and talked to him. The doctor said even though he was in a coma, he could still sense things.  When I could not control the tears, I cried in the bathroom.   I wanted to spare him my fears.  I wanted him to sense the love and hope I held in my heart.

Three days later, Ayush came out of his coma.  We cried with relief.  But he was very weak.  He could not sit by himself or talk but responded by raising his fingers.  Seeing his eyes open and turn towards me when I spoke made me so happy.

Now conscious, Ayush had further challenges to face.  The doctor in charge spoke directly, “Ayush has damage to his frontal lobe.  He is going to have learning difficulties and may not be able to go to school for a few months.”

With no family support around me, as they were in India, I felt lonely and helpless.  I saw my son suffer.  I saw him depressed.  Often, he shut himself away and refused to let us help him.  I wondered how we would make it through.  

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I am grateful for the medical staff and his rehab team who helped Ayush.  They helped him to first stand on his own, then walk with assistance.  A Facebook group for caregivers of TBI patients became my support system.  I am grateful for the support given by my son’s Boys Scout troop and my close friends.  My son’s school helped by providing accommodation so that he could attend his 4-hour daily rehab sessions while attending school.  And, of course, my family in India prayed for him every day.

Together with Ayush’s determination and the support of others, what seemed impossible a few months ago became a major achievement in his life.  

In June, Ayush graduated high school in the top 10 students, with the highest honors.  We celebrated by going out for dinner to our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Ayush graduated high school in the top 10 students, with the highest honors. We celebrated by going out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Pic #1 Despite being told he would have learning difficulties, with hard work, Ayush graduated top 10 with honors.  Pic #2 The benches Ayush designed and built after getting approval from LAUSD for the special education kids in his school.  

I’m so proud of my son’s determination and hard work.  And I’m even prouder of what he is now doing to help other children dealing with brain trauma...

Ayush designed therapeutic exercises for a 5-year-old who had hemispherectomy and semi-paralyzed limbs.  He also started tutoring kids in foster homes.  After a tutoring session, Ayush came to me. “Mom, my student, Kayla has lost all hope because she got an F in Maths.  I am trying to motivate her.“ 

“While there's life, there's hope," said Marcus Tullius Cicero.  

My son’s challenges are not over yet.  I know he will face hardships in college.  I know he will vent his anger and frustration on me, but I will be there for him, loving him and motivating him through the tough times together.  Every step, I will be with him, proud of his progress and proud that he is using his struggles as an opportunity to help others.

Meet Sushmita Saha

Hi, I'm Sushmita Saha. I am  the Mother of Ayush, my seventeen-year-old son who endured traumatic brain injury.  I share my story to give hope to other parents and children who are going through a tough phase of life. It's hard to deal with it at times, but love and hope can change everything.

I'm so proud of Ayush and everything he has achieved despite his challenges.  Every day Ayush continues to heal and help others.  As a family, we try to focus on what brings us joy.

  We want to give back to the community by trying to help other children. 

Click here to discover more about Ayush. 

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  • Denise Davies says:

    It is wonderful and Inspiring to see how the Love, Compassion, Hope, and Support that Ayush has from you Sushmita, his dedicated mother, your Family and Community has had a rippling effect on him and the great flowing Ocean of Life, to impact so many people and will continue to do so. How we overcome with our intention, faith, open heartedness, connection to what is possible and dedication, never cease to amaze me. I wish you Love and Many Blessings to continue in your lives.

  • Evelyn says:

    So inspiring story of Hope. How Ayush been through a lot but still surpassed it all and now inspired us to be more hopeful.

  • Nishtha says:

    This is beautiful! I am amazed at how Ayush and his family gave back to community after suffering their own loss. So inspirational

  • Wow what a gut wrenching experience my thoughts and prayers are with this entire family. How brave they are for sharing.

    • Sushmita says:

      Thank you Jen.Yes it was hard to share and I even didn’t want to try to remember those days as I was writing it but Karlette inspired me and I am thankful to her .

  • I can’t imagine myself going through the same situation. One of the most difficult feelings a mom could experience is seeing your child get hurt. I am proud of you Sushmita and Ayush for overcoming life’s challenge.

  • Shar says:

    A very moving, touching, and true story! God bless and keep it up.

  • Arnab Chaudhuri says:

    I read this article multiple times. This article is amazingly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with the community. I am sure this will inspire hundreds if not thousands of parents!

  • Fathima Shafeeq Meer says:

    Hi Sushmita, your story has brought me some relief as I am despairing that my daughter, who is usually an A student, will do poorly because she is missing weeks of school due to an illness(which isn’t half as serious as Ayush’s was). She is in grade 11 and needs good marks to apply to Uni next year. I’m going to use “While there’s life, there’s hope,” as my new mantra until we get through this ordeal together. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Karletta Marie says:

      I love this Fathima – that this story came at the perfect time. I hope your daughter is feeling 100% soon and she is inspired by Ayush’s story too xox

    • Sushmita Saha says:

      Thank you Fatima .Sending recovery wishes to your daughter and I am sure she will come out of this stronger than ever.

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