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Discover Possibilities Hidden in Your Past Story | Video Message

JOIN Be Inspired by Your Past Stories … Hidden within the stories of your past, are mysterious desire threads longing to guide you forward to live in a way you’re meant to be.Our past stories: not just our own, but the past stories of our relatives and our ancestors can influence us in an inspiring, wonderful […]


Find Strength in Your Ancestral Past by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #93

These church doors transport me to another world, long long ago … It was in this very church that my great great great grandparents, Ann Aust and William Williams married. Their union way back in 1838 eventually resulted in my birth.  As I look at the register I see they couldn’t write – signing their names […]


Help Broaden the Positive Stories Beyond Ourselves by Karletta Marie

JOIN This morning (or this evening) depending on where you are in the world, when you turned on your television or picked up a paper or you looked at your news feed, the majority of stories you received were most likely based on some kind of trauma, crime, disaster, injustice…  These stories are important because […]


Real Life Stories | Experience peace, understanding & empathy

Right now, with so many people personally affected by events happening around the world, we need to find ways to create connection and build empathy through understanding.I call to the Sky, ‘cry love’I beg Earth, ‘drink of the tears’For humanityis parchedof compassion,her thirstlonging to bequenchedWhen we take the time to listen to the real stories […]


Where Will Your Best Self Emerge?

I threaded my fingers through John’s and glanced across the waters.  We were taking our early evening walk along the shoreline.  The sun had just set over the Mediterranean Sea, smudging the sky sherbet orange and candy pink.  Across the bay, villages along the coastline had begun to turn on their lights, twinkling up the […]


What stories can teach you about YOU …

JOIN “Each story shared is like a mirror, reflecting back to us an important message we need to hear.”      Over 100 inspiring stories published on Daily Inspired Life and I’ve received 1000+ messages and comments from readers.   99.9% of messages are positive.  Occasionally, there will be some gentle feedback (not so positive). […]

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