Better Stories to Beautiful Lives – A Pathway to Happiness | By Karletta Marie -

Better Stories to Beautiful Lives – A Pathway to Happiness | By Karletta Marie

How will "better stories" help you create your own beautiful life?

Over the past few years, Daily Inspired Life has gently evolved to become a place where we don't just read and share inspiring stories. Together, we use the power of narrative to consciously create our own beautiful lives and actively send out positive narratives into the wider world.

We do that by thinking deeply about the stories of others, our own stories, and the stories we share. Then we apply the knowledge gained as wisdom in our lives.

Neuroscientist, Dr Caroline Leaf teaches, "When our knowledge isn't being effectively applied, just consumed, our minds become nutritionally starved and can't get from point A to point B. We stop making the jump from knowledge gathering to knowledge application. Gathering information without processing and applying it is counter to how the mind works and how the brain is structured and has a deleterious effect on our mental and physical well-being ..."

That's why it's important that the stories presented in Daily Inspired Life don't just become another piece of information to be consumed. 

We can liken this to the difference between eating a fast-food burger compared to enjoying a nutritious gourmet meal. Sure, the burger tastes good, and it's quick and easy. But, the burger won't give you the energy and nutrition you need. You will soon be hungry for your next meal. And, if you keep up with the fast-food eating, you'll end up very sick.

On the other hand, a nutritious, gourmet meal prepared with love and thought will be savored. The memory of every morsel remains with you. You're left feeling nurtured, satisfied, and with energy to take action throughout your day.

While it is much quicker and easier to read and flick by a story, you'll gain so much more by taking a few extra moments to apply the key take-aways in your life and share them with others.

That's why we've made a shift in the email format we send you each week (see below).
We wanted to create a simple pathway to help you take the stories and apply them to your life. Have you noticed the addition of the "Your Inspired Life" questions?

Create your own questions, or use the ones provided to get curious, think deeply, question what is being shared, and how that knowledge can contribute to your beautiful life.


When it comes to stories being shared, what changes can we make, so we continue to receive stories that inform us of the injustice, tragedy and disasters ... at the same time equally receive the positive stories that showcase the good found in humanity?

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