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What’s In A Raindrop?

Stop for a moment, take off your busy badge, sit still and look closely;
you’ll discover a whole world in a raindrop

~ Karletta Marie


Death of A Stranger by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #1

Story of how the death of a young stranger in Helen’s Bay, Belfast, Northern Ireland, inspires a traveler to reflect on her precious gift of life.As my travel days in Northern Belfast, Ireland come to an end… I take my last walk on the water’s edge of Helen’s Bay and listen for the whispers hidden […]


Charming, Fairy-Tale … Medieval Village, Lacoste France, $0 per month

Medieval Village, Lacoste, France​”I stop still, shhh, to listen … a man sings in the distance; a voice of love forlorn, beckoning me to follow the ghosts of lost lovers from long ago …” The buzzing of a bee passing by, butterflies dancing over purple wisteria. Dormant grapevines wake, sprouting new leaves. Sweet fragrance wafting up […]


Travel To Cyprus – But Beware of Saying “Thank You”!

True-to-life, travel Cyprus story … where a simple “thank you” can be misunderstood.“ευχαριστώ! Thank you!” I say proudly in my very best Greek accent.Our waiter, Νίκος, looks down at me, amused, smiling, as he places a mountain of grilled calamari in the center of our table. I am travelling around Cyprus with John for the […]


Is this the Best Buffet in Vietnam?

In my eleven years of traveling to Vietnam, this would be my most memorable cultural dining experience.​Her friends call her “The Food Champion” because Thao always knows the best places to go for delicious food in Hanoi – at the best price. In all the years I have been traveling from Australia to Vietnam, I […]

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