Woman of Iron and Lace, Power and Grace | Story of real feminine strength | Inspiring Story #19 - Daily Inspired Life

Woman of Iron and Lace, Power and Grace | Story of real feminine strength | Inspiring Story #19

Feminine Strength - Soula & Karletta Marie

A story about Soula ... a woman who can carry a gun in one hand,
while holding a rose in the other.

The prisoner sat across from Soula.  He reached out toward her.   He looked Soula in the eye and said, “Ms Soula, I’d like to give you a gift.”

What kind of gift would a prisoner serving life for murder give to Soula, a high-profile law enforcement officer? 

The prisoner held out a wooden cross about the size of his forearm.  He presented his gift to Soula.  She ran her hand over the timber, feeling the detail of  intricate design.  Each incision delicately carved by the hands of a killer. 

I ask Soula, “Why would a murderer, serving life-imprisonment, want to give you, a policewoman, a gift like this?  Had he turned his life around?  Was it a symbol of repentance, a gift offering for his sins perhaps?”

Soula looks at me with her kind, wise eyes.  “I don’t know, Karletta.  But we are not enemies.  This prisoner was never an enemy of mine or any other police officer - before or after his conviction.  The job of a police officer is to find the truth, record it, and present it before justice.  And let’s not call him a killer or a murderer, if you don’t mind.  I’d rather see him as a fellow human being who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.  Is that OK? I’d prefer that.”

Let’s not call him a killer or a murderer, if you don’t mind.  I’d rather see him as a fellow human being ... 

Soula returns the cross to its place among an eclectic collection of ornaments and her handcrafted creations.   I notice a patchwork blanket decorated in soft greens and pinks, and there are decoupage candles, ornamental bottles, and painted stones.  Many of Soula’s creations are sold to raise money for charity. 

Feminine Strength

I look out the window at Soula’s cottage garden.  The sun is shining, birds are singing, and poppies and red roses are blooming.  

I see handmade mosaics, pink flamingos, and hand-painted stones.  

As you walk through her garden, you get a sense of the love and care Soula takes to fill her environment with light and beauty.     

Soula is a true woman of iron and lace.  She’s full of power and grace.  A woman whose presence is strong and commanding, a symbol of strength, layered and trimmed in pure femininity.  She is a woman who can carry a gun in one hand while accepting a delicate rose in the other.  I have never, in my life, met a woman like Soula. 

Soula was one of the first policewomen to be sworn in as an officer in Cyprus back in the 1960s.  In a male-dominated culture and profession, that achievement alone would take strength I could only imagine.  Soula conquered the challenges she faced as a female officer and rapidly rose in rank. 

Inspiring Women, Inspiring PoliceWomen Cyprus

Soula has worked with Europol and Interpol and travelled extensively for the United Nations.  As we walk into the breakfast room, I notice an impressive line-up of certificates and awards.  “Wow! Look at those!”

“I didn’t want to display them.  I had them put away,” Soula says to me.  “But my housekeeper found them and said to me, ‘Soula, I’m putting these on display. If you won’t, I will!’”

And so she should!  Soula is an example and inspiration to other women.  Feminine strength.  I hope that one day, she will share more of her story.  And if you’d like that, please comment below and let me know what you’d like to ask her.  I’m sure she has many tales to tell.

Inspiring Women, Feminine Strength

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  • Sharon says:

    Soula is an inspiration! I love that she is artistic and makes things to sell so she can give to charity. She certainly does deserve to display her certificates!

  • Emmy says:

    Wow, what an incredible lady!! I would love to meet her and hear her stories. If only I could be that courageous and kind. Such an inspiration.

  • Becca says:

    This is such an inspiring and thought provoking post. I would be privileged to hear more of Soula’s story should she choose to share it.

  • Lisa says:

    What an inspiring story! Soula sounds like a remarkable woman and someone who’s truly a great role model.

  • cherrielynn says:

    That’s an amazing story. So amused how you came up with the idea for this. 🙂

    • kdadmin says:

      Thanks Cherrie … your comment has intrigued me, when you say you were “amused how you came up with the idea for this” … tell me more. What do you mean?

  • Lissy says:

    Wow what a great story! I am very inspired and impressed by her courage and accolades!

  • Marguerite McMahon says:

    Karletta, you have an amazing descriptive pen in your hand. Your stories come to life, yes I would like to read more of Soula please

  • Kerstin Newton says:

    This is so beautifully written. I would love to hear about how she found it being the first female officer. Was she a cepted or did it take time?
    What was her first arrest like?
    Does Soula have an online shop? I would love to see more of her creations.

  • Ange Ramaite says:

    The writer draws you in from the get go! Was sad when it stopped.

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