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Rise to the Challenge | 20+ Real Life Stories To Encourage & Inspire You Today

Rise to the challenge with real life stories from inspiring women around the world.   What challenge are you facing in life right now?   Within these 20+ real life stories you’ll find stories from women who have faced physical and mental health challenges, you’ll read stories of women overcoming  business and career challenges, relationship challenges, […]

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Celebrating Life after Facing Death Twice | by Brad Johnson | Inspiring Story #111

One evening while enjoying a ride, Brad Johnson’s world is torn apart by a serious motorcycle accident. Two weeks after being released from the hospital, and still recovering, a deadly fire rages through his town. Brad is lucky to escape alive, with literally the shirt on his back, and his faithful dog Bella.

Rather than being defined by tragedy, Brad’s story is about his choice to celebrate life by giving back to others.

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