My Dream of Sunflowers | What happens when you're open to new possibilities? | Inspiring Story #150

Dream of Sunflowers | What happens when you’re open to new possibilities? | by Marjana Jaigirdar | Inspiring Story #150


Marjana dreamed of seeing a beautiful field of sunflowers.  But when her dream becomes a reality two years later, she receives much more than she anticipated ...

My dream of seeing sunflowers

I love sunflowers, and it’s always been a dream of mine to go to a sunflower field. A few years ago, I found out about a field just outside London and decided to make the trip to see it for the first time.

I was really excited, but when I got there, it turned out that I’d missed the high season by a couple of weeks. I was disappointed but decided to try the following year again and catch them in full bloom then.

The next summer, something went wrong. Crows had damaged the crop. I decided there was nothing I could do and felt resigned to waiting another year.

Sometimes the unexpected happens

I was in Bulgaria a couple of months later visiting friends, and we were on the train  on our way between cities. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in August.

As we traveled on the train, I was sitting by the window.  Suddenly, we came across a massive field of sunflowers in full bloom. It was totally gorgeous, and it must have lasted for a couple of minutes! It was amazing and better than anything I’d ever imagined being able to see.

It was definitely much more impressive than the sunflower field I’d wanted to see in London, and I had also just found it by chance. It was also a year early since I’d been resigned to waiting another year.

Be open to new possibilities

I realised that sometimes we resign ourselves to something and think we have limited options when that’s just based on our default reactions and assumptions. In the case of the sunflowers, it wasn’t a huge deal to me since I was willing to wait another year, and in the end, it was just a stroke of luck that brought me that sooner.

When I thought about it, I realised I’d reacted similarly to things that are more important to me  – sometimes thinking of things as a given or unchangeable instead of questioning my initial or automatic reaction or acceptance of something.

I believe that with most things we feel stuck with, when we probe a bit deeper, it opens up the possibility of finding other options and ways to approach things, which we might not have initially thought of. I think simply asking ourselves a question like - What am I accepting as fixed or unchangeable that may be more flexible than I’m assuming? -  can open up new possibilities.

We all have moments when we automatically accept things as fixed or unchangeable. The next time you feel stuck with something that you’d love to happen sooner, especially if it’s something that’s important to you, I encourage you to probe a bit deeper and question if there are other possibilities that you may not have considered – and more flexibility than you originally assumed.

That's a lesson my dream of sunflowers taught me, and I pass this on to you. 

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  • Barbara Kane says:

    Marjana, your story is a good reminder for me. I periodically get stuck and need reminders to not give up and stay open to possibilities. This makes me want to plant sunflowers in my garden as a reminder of your story and lesson.

    • Marjana says:

      Hi Barbara, I’m so glad to hear my story and resonated with you. I think we all have times when we feel stuck and lose sight of what else might be possible. Planting sunflowers in your garden as a reminder to yourself sounds wonderful!

  • I love sun flowers we grow them in our garden, my kids used to grow them each year and now my granddaughter has some growing as well

    • Marjana says:

      Hi Samantha, the tradition of growing sunflowers in your family sounds beautiful. I’ve never grown any myself, so I feel inspired to plant some now!

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