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Creating Your Inspired Life | Live Rich by Infusing Pleasure Into Your Daily Life


Some years ago, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I sat down on the deck with a pencil and notebook in hand. I was about to complete an exercise from one of my mentors, Barbara Sher who would forever change the way I lived my life on a daily basis.

This simple exercise was part of the self-discovery and narrative reshaping that led me to create a beautiful, inspired life filled with joy - despite the challenges that come my way.  A life I call living rich - where the concept of wealth transcends mere material possessions.  

Do this simple exercise and start finding more pleasure in your daily life (it will be easier than you expect)




Take a piece of paper and write down 25 things you find great pleasure in doing (use a keyboard if you prefer)  Just write your random list, no particular order, and keep going until you have completed your 25.

Beside each item that you have listed, answer the following questions:

• How long since you last did this?

• Does it cost money or is it free?

• Can you do this alone or do you do it with someone?

• Is it job related?

• Does it need to be planned or can it be spontaneous?

Doing this exercise helped me to realise that I found great pleasure in the simple moments...

A sunset over the water, reading an inspiring autobiography on a rainy day, sitting under a tree on top of a mountain. Astronomy. Singing. Travel. Walking through the forest. Hiking mountains. Spending time with loved ones, surprising my husband, John with a delicious cooked meal.  

Creating my list, helped me realise how little time I was spending doing the things I love - yet many of those things I loved doing cost me nothing, in terms of dollars. I could change my life, by simply introducing more of what I love on a daily basis.


This was a very powerful exercise for me. It was one of the first steps I took from changing my stressful life into living a life I love, in the flow... an inspired life.  I still repeat the exercise from year to year.

I hope you enjoy doing the exercise as much as I did.

karletta marie - daily inspired life

Karletta Marie

P.S.  I would to know how you get along with the exercise.  Please scroll down below and pop in your comments there ... 

Here are some comments from others who  posted on my Facebook page …

“Love this! I do look into what brings me Joy, but i have never actually written down 25 things! I think this may unearth some new things! Thank you for sharing! 💖”  ~ Claudia

“I really like the part about remembering when you last experienced it... It holds us accountable for our own happiness which, of course, is the only way!  Thank you for sharing” ~ Renee

“I find the most ordinary things give me extraordinary joy. Thank you for reminding me.” ~ Priti

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  • Luna Dawn says:

    My beautiful Karletta, this is such a daring exercise because it changes our mindset forever. The things that we think they make us happy VS the things that actually bring happiness to our soul! I usually do this exercise quite often, especially when big changes happen in my life. To come and realize that the little things that make me happy never change. Oh, and one more thing! I prefer writing it down in my journal with my favorite pen rather than using my laptop. It feels very special in that way! Thank you again for sharing your lovely practice! Lots of love!

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Yes so true, and it’s a good idea that you do the exercise often. I also like to use pen and journal. I enjoy the sensual experience more than tapping away on a keyboard. Love back to you Luna . xox

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  • Kalyan Panja says:

    I never get tired of reading about inspired living and find something new every time.

  • Katie says:

    This sounds like a great exercise to focus on what is important and makes you happy. I think I have to suggest it to a friend who is going through a lot of stress at the moment.

  • Thanks for sharing and this is an interesting exercise. True that many people around me are struggling with what to do with their lives, and hopefully they will have a clearer mindset after this.

  • Erik the Hungry Traveller says:

    Will try the 25 list . Ill probable do it in my office lol. But I think I have an idea of what my list would comprise of. Thanks for this post!

  • Val says:

    That s indeed a good “exercise”! I have never though it like that and it is so true that we should do more of the things we love, especially when they cost nothing ! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    karletta marie - daily inspired life

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