Telling Your Naked Truth | The Power of Sharing Story -

Telling Your Naked Truth | The Power of Sharing Story

Dare to Bare Your Soul ... 

When you share your heart,
dare to bare your soul;
when you go naked with all your truth.
The pain, well it can break you apart 
and in suffering shame your
fragility is magnificently exposed.

But take heart brave soul, for we hear
your words and feel the cuts of your
shattered self.  We are touched,
even more than touched; we are showered
in your pieces as we honour
your bravery, we bleed along with you.

Then after all that ... after we are broken
and bled through; healing  comes and we
show and share our scars until we can smile
together again. Comfortable in nakedness
of heart and soul, we sing in celebration of
a new found freedom ...

The freedom of acceptance in being you;
the freedom that has extended beyond
yourself and taught us freedom too.

There is a mysterious liberation that comes from releasing  an untold story held hidden deep within.   Not the surface story many openly share, but the true story of you; the story that lays hidden in the creases of your skin and the marrow of your bones...   the story that reveals what you've experienced  and who you really are under all the layers society has has heaped upon you over the years.

A woman very close to me revealed a secret she had kept hidden for over 60 years;  a heavy secret wrapped in shame. After releasing her story to pen and paper, this woman revealed, that for the first time she was able to lay her head on her pillow and sleep in peace. 

This woman isn't the only person to tell me of the benefits they have received from sharing their story.    I've received many messages from memoirists I've interviewed and people who have shared their story on Daily Inspired Life ...

Kristina said, "Each time I share my story, my purpose becomes clearer."

Lizette said, "I did not realize how strong I have been and this strength, I can share and project to other women that need to move on from their own fear to have the life that they deserve."

Todd said, " Buried feelings  came to the forefront.  Writing my story and being able to talk about it has helped me feel not so alone.  It has been cathartic."

Kay said, "I've been able to move on from the traumatic events of that time in a way that just getting on with my life hadn't permitted."

Jenny said, "I learned I was a resilient person who could overcome adversity I also learned that I am capable of being on my own and don’t need to be in a relationship."

Mara said,  "It helped me to see that I am awesome."

I could fill this page with many other examples.

Remember, only you have the authority to tell your own story, and you get to choose your audience, when and how much you want to share.  It does take bravery to share your story, even with yourself, because sometimes the truth is difficult to hear.   But, I promise you, when you are ready,  and with the right process, you will discover more about yourself, than you ever have before.  You'll discover you're a flippin' miracle for sure!

In sharing your truth, you not only give yourself a gift, you offer a very special gift to those who become witness to your story.  If you want to know more about how to share your story, then click here to find out more.  

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  • Cheyenne says:

    This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Briana says:

    I Love how Powerful and inspiring this is!!!!!!

  • They always say that the truth will set you free, so glad she is finding her freedom.

  • Nkem says:

    There is incredible power in transparency, vulnerability, and honesty with ourselves first, then the world. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this 🙂

  • Digitaldaybook says:

    So powerful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s so true. Share stories. Helping each other, understanding and listening to each other is often the only real “cure” that is needed!

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