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What is Love? | By Jesse, Aged 8 | Inspiring Story #122

What is Love? Our Shortest Story. From Our Youngest Contributor.  Jesse, aged 8, when asked what is love:- “Love is an emotion that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes go wide and you think of them; a lot! That’s love.” “Now, over to you.  What is love?   YOUR THOUGHTS? WHAT DID YOU ENJOY MOST […]


The One I Fight With & The One I Love | By Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #120

One early mid-October evening a romantic beach walk turns into a foot-stomping fight. In this short story, we highlight the positive side of being able to argue with the ones we love.Beyond the horizon, over the Mediterranean sea, a softening sun shone ethereal love over angel wings spread across the sky.  Feathery clouds played about, […]


Letting Love In with Sheri Salata | Story about Opening Ourselves to Love | Inspiring Story #119

 A beautiful piece about letting love into our life … this story is an extract from Sheri Salata’s memoir “The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation”Love. Specifically, sexy, romantic, passionate, real soul-to-soul love. This is tough. Embarrassing. And tinged with what feels like genuine shame. Love is my unsolved mystery—one of the great […]


Falling for The One by Hannah Teslin | Inspiring Story #57

A short story about finding love, facing your fears, and discovering who ‘The One’ really is.  Six years ago, I moved to Germany to be with a guy who I thought was ‘The One’. Crazy in love, I boarded a plane to move to an unfamiliar land where I didn’t know anyone except ‘The One’.  As […]


You Can, Without a Man with Jessi Sexton | Inspiring Story #39

One year after discovering her husband’s cheating messages, Jessi turns her fears of being a single mom into her own single mom success story.I sat on the couch, my two dogs lounged across my lap. My three children played in the background, while I watched the six o’clock news, simultaneously scrolling Facebook.   My husband […]


A Kibbutz Kind of Love Story | Inspiring Story #36

Marguerite, volunteers to work on a Kibbutz, where she falls deeply in love with a handsome Jewish man. They plan to spend the rest of their life as husband and wife… but it seems the great divide between religion and race may keep them apart forever … or will it?Five weeks into my seven-week stay […]

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