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Where Will Your Best Self Emerge?

I threaded my fingers through John’s and glanced across the waters.  We were taking our early evening walk along the shoreline.  The sun had just set over the Mediterranean Sea, smudging the sky sherbet orange and candy pink.  Across the bay, villages along the coastline had begun to turn on their lights, twinkling up the mountainside.   

I had long dreamed of living in a place where the mountains met the sea.  I looked across the waters.  Here the Akamas mountains tumbled into the sea, and waves washed upon the rocks.   Could my dream possibly come true?

As we walked, I turned to John, “I could live here John.”  

Within three years, we’d set up a base in Cyprus.    

Here in Cyprus, I have found a strong sense of community and connection.  It’s a place to take time in nature, to reflect and ponder in the quiet and still...

Everything I had imagined, I'd written down when I'd completed an exercise describing my ideal environment some years prior. 

Where the mountain meets the sea, Cyprus.

In what imaginary environment would your best self emerge?

In what imaginary environment would your best self emerge?  That very question was one of the questions that helped me to be crystal clear about what I really wanted from my day-to-day life - what my ideal life would look like.  (Thank you Barbara Sher for the question).  

This question is important to consider because, often, our lives are shaped by the circumstances society has thrown at us.  We can go through life without ever thinking of what we really want outside of the imposed ideals and expectations of others.  In many cases, we’ve adapted our environment to suit others too.   

I asked my friends the question, and here were a few of the answers that came back:

So now, let's have some fun... 

No rules - just have fun and get creative in your imagination …

In one or two paragraphs, tell us in what imaginary environment would your best self emerge?

Take time to answer the question thoughtfully.  In your environment, what do you see, taste, smell, feel, and hear?  How do you want to feel?  And what do you need in order to feel that way?  What do you experience?  What inspires you?  What and who motivates you?  What brings you calm? 

When you think about your ideal environment, don't just think in terms of places - think about people, resources, and support you'd want available to you also.   

When you let your imagination run free, you'll uncover your deeper desires.  You'll get a better idea of what you'd like your environment to be and also what's not currently working for you.

Spend a few minutes now reflecting on the question.  It's powerful – look where doing it led me, yet I never dreamed I'd live in a paradisaical place like this.  

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  • Clarice says:

    I haven’t really thought about it but will find time to contemplate. This is such a powerful quesiton that I realized I had been so busy for the past few months that I haven’t had the time to ponder and just reflect about life.

  • This is awesome, it helped you to find what you wanted. It’s interesting question to ask as well.

  • What an insightful post. I feel like my best self is most alive when traveling.

  • Good reflective post! My best self is when I can be by myself and quiet like in my garden picking weeds.

  • Ben says:

    My best self comes out when all my family is gathered in one place. We’re a bit scattered, and I often find myself missing them terribly.

  • Beth says:

    My best self always emerges on trips with my family. If I could do that forever, I would. LOL

  • Marysa says:

    I have thought a lot about moving lately. I think I would be much happier somewhere there is more sun, and somewhere that is a little warmer, where I could spend more time outdoors and being active. It does wonders when I spend my days sitting at a desk.

  • I believe I am creative when I have some free time and am surrounded by nature. Therefore, I like to go for walks to the park in my free time.

  • Richard Lowe says:

    I am very creative, so a society that encouraged creativity would be perfect. Even more, though, would be a society that is sane

  • Michelle says:

    I’d love to live in a world where we could travel and explore to no end. Discovering new cultures, foods, languages, etc. That would be the dream!

  • Emily says:

    I think my best self would emerge in a very creative society. Preferably one where art supplies were abundant and free!

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  • Puja Kumari says:

    What an interesting post. I have found my best self emerges when the situation get negative.

  • What an interesting post, it is fun to see where everyone thinks their best self imagine will emerge. I agree I think my self is constantly adapting to the environment around me, things that I can not change, as a designer I am constantly evolving spaces to make them more harmonious to my current needs to find that serenity for those environments.

  • Shar says:

    Nice post! Very reflective… I’ll say that my best self emerges when I live my life purpose, make my decisions, live on my terms, &… spend time in natural surroundings.

  • Nishtha says:

    Great post with some great responses! For me my environment has to be not too hot or too Cold. Near Mountains or beach would be an added benefit but not a requirement. Having my family around me would actually make me happy and if I feel content balancing personal and professional life; that would be my best envt to thrive!

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