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I AM Celebrating Life Together 

by Emelina Holland © 

When I was little,

my grandmother

wanted to convert me

to her religious tradition.

I said kindly: "No. Thank you.

My heart beats for a different way."

An ancient-wise

green way

was calling my name.

I felt her deepest yearnings

even though

she would not say.

I felt guided

to take them with me,

to keep me company

as I was growing,

a special gift to carry

deep in my chest.

My mother,

later on, shared with me,

wise insights from conversations

she had with her mother's mom

towards the end of her life.

Through my mother's eyes

I saw

my great grandmother's

deepest yearnings,

and I felt guided

to remember them

throughout my path.

None of this

made sense at the moment

but it felt right to me...

It just felt right in my heart.

Every time I speak to my mother

I learn a bit more...

Every time she shares more

about her deepest yearnings too,

through her sparkling eyes

and passionate voice,

I get more of my family's stories,

their reasons and their wisdom,

and that helps me understand my own.

I can also see

how their heart-full prayers made me

with the guidance of their unique souls;

as if time didn't exist,

they were weaving me

with their precious hope.

And thanks to the magic of life,

this mysterious

golden thread of love

is the spirit that flows

freely in my veins.

My blood intuitively tells

stories about the journey of my soul

beyond time and space,

while enjoying my body,

while learning from

the natural world around me,

while singing and dancing...

while writing, drawing, painting,

or just being creative...

While enjoying the company of another,

or just sitting in silence and contemplating...

When listening to the music

of the stars...

When lighting

the sacred fire in my heart,

when keeping it bright and warm...

When flowing

with this river of deep love

that I AM inside...

While remembering with grace

all of those cherished beings

no longer present today...

While treasuring the presence

of those with whom

I continue to travel with and share

the magic of life,

and this mysterious

golden thread of love...

The sacred fire in my heart,

and this river of deep love

that I AM



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I enjoy honoring the changes of the seasons while dancing life at my own pace and respecting my body’s unique rhythms the best way I can. I grow as a person every day, I thrive as a human being with the lunar cycles as I tune in to the moon’s many phases. I like to listen to the birds around me, watch the stars blink at night, connect with trees, touch the ground, and I love swimming in the ocean when I get to travel. I AM a homeschool mom and I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to teach and play with my child every day. In my free time, I create songs, write poetry or short stories, play with art, and/or some other creative craft, and I love to dance at home to a variety of African drums.

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  • Nishtha says:

    This is beautiful! Memories and love through generations may shape our journey as we go through life

  • Barb Geiger says:

    This is an exquisite testament to the intuitive lessons we learn from our ancestors. Reading your work was a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you, Emelina!

  • Digitaldaybook says:

    Wow so beautiful and touching thank you for sharing!

  • Sasha Frugone says:

    Love love love the love, wisdom, and growth.

  • A great emotions in this word, this poem full of faith!

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