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Share Your Story to Discover your Hero Within

What Happens When You Share Your Story?

When I first created Daily Inspired Life,  the project was about sharing the beauty I encountered on my travels -  the experiences of meeting people in different parts of the world,  hearing their stories about everyday life.   They were too wonderful for me to keep for myself.

But since the first story was published on Daily Inspired Life in 2018, the biggest learning  has been witnessing the enormous benefit of sharing these stories -  not just to the readers , but for the people sharing their stories.  

When someone chooses to share their story on Daily Inspired Life, they often come back and  say, "Thank you.  I feel honoured to have my story heard by others".  

Many have said, "I didn't think anybody would be interested in my story."    And then to have the response back from friends and family has been a very touching experience for them.

There's certain people who have shared their stories on Daily Inspired Life who have been invited to publish their story in publications - which has been very exciting to have that level of acknowledgement.  

One woman shared a story about her mother. And just through the questioning process, of having her story shared, she came back to me saying,  "I never knew that about myself".    She'd learned something about her own personality.  And she understood herself more deeply.  

Discover Your Hero Within 

When people share their story, they see themselves in a new light. Many people have seen themselves as a hero instead of a failure.  Because sometimes we forget the struggles we've been through. But when you look at your story and what you've overcome to get where you are today, you see the hero in that person.

 Click here to access interviews of people from around the world who have already shared their story on Daily Inspired Life.    

Discover the incredible journey of sharing your own story!

Just like those who've already shared their story, you'll find that sharing your story brings personal growth, connection, a supportive community, and opportunities you never imagined. Whether you're ready to pour your heart out, want to take a guided workshop, or looking to navigate your own storytelling adventure with our free guide, it all starts right here. 

Your story has the power to not only inspire others,  you'll unearth profound personal wisdom, and open up meaningful opportunities in your life. Embrace this opportunity today, and let's begin your unique narrative together.  Click a button below to begin your journey ... 

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  • Em Collin says:

    Your definitely right! Everyone’s been through something that makes them special. Sharing that story will absolutely make you accept it, and feel like a hero!

  • Puja Kumari says:

    This is very inspiring, thanks for sharing it.

  • Kasey evans says:

    What a meaningful idea! Sharing our stories is such a great way to understand people from all walks of life.

  • Sarah says:

    What an awesome project! I love the idea. Also, you have a great presence in video. You should do more!

  • Constance says:

    I love this, thanks so much for this inspiration,

  • Britt says:

    Wow – you have reminded us how powerful story telling is and how it can inspire others to reflect on our own lives. I love the style of your website – packed with bite sized practical tips and videos for engagement.

  • It is so true that we don’t often really see our journeys on a deep level until we try to explain it to others. It shows our resiliency and all that we have come and grown through. Thank you for giving people a space to realize their beauty and strength.

  • William says:

    Love the idea of your site – sharing stories. Can’t help but gain in perspective from every story you read.

    Take care.

  • I always read your stories, but I had never seen this article before. I love when you have videos. You are just such a genuine person and such a kindness about you. I have been wanting to share my story for so long, and sometimes, I feel like people could be inspired, and then other times I wonder if anyone would really even care or think it is important. Maybe one day I will share my story here ….

    • kdadmin says:

      Thank you Nancy – your words mean a lot to me. I have just read your article about Racing Thoughts and I do hope you will share your story. Because you wouldn’t be able to write an article with such wisdom if you didn’t have a story to tell. Whatever I can do to encourage you to share, please do, I would be honoured to feature you here.

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