Finding Treasure in a Haunted Forest: How I Thrived after Surviving Childhood Trauma by Luna Dawn | Inspiring Story #155

Finding Treasure in a Haunted Forest: How I Thrived after Surviving Childhood Trauma by Luna Dawn | Inspiring Story #155


From survivor to thriving woman. From abuse to empowerment. Luna shares how she changed her story...

Healing from my childhood trauma and abuse has been an intense journey. It started with picking up parts of myself that I was robbed of. It felt like going into a haunted forest looking for treasure. Somewhere between the uncomfortable silence and the loud screams, I collected my innocence piece by piece.

I lost count of how many times I visited that haunted forest of traumatic memories…

“No, you cannot talk to any of our relatives because they are bad people.” My mother shouted angrily, just like she did every time I asked to see a family member.

“Not everyone from our family is a bad person! It’s impossible, mom!” I replied.

“How dare you question me! Off to your room! NOW!” she yelled louder while grabbing my arm. She locked me in my bedroom with no lights on, no food, no water, and no bathroom for hours.

This is the woman I called “mom”. This is the woman who made sure no family member could contact me by phone, mail, or home address. This is the woman I wanted to love and care for me for everything I am. But all that she gave me was pain in every form. I felt her anger and pain were my fault. I was angry and jealous of other children who were loved unconditionally by their parents.

My frustration escalated day by day. Throughout my childhood, I continued to ask, “Why is all this happening to me? I need an answer!” A deep feeling in my gut told me “mom” wasn’t my biological mother. As I got older, I started researching obvious signs of adoption. To my surprise, I ticked every single box. Now things started to make sense. My healing journey could begin. 

Slowly I started taking back pieces of myself, healing them, nurturing them, and integrating them back into my soul. I finally took a DNA test at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and I was in utter shock with the results. I was not related to “mom” or her family members. From my father’s side, I was half-related to everyone. I was devastated and numb. The pain was so intense, I couldn’t cry. I just stared, speechless at the results.

The answers I was looking for from the DNA test brought more frustration, pain, and confusion. I felt emotionally, mentally, and physically in a dark place. My “mom” did not want me to talk to family members because I would eventually find out about my adoption. She never treated me as her daughter anyway, I finally admitted to myself after a week of silence.

That was the moment I rose from my ashes. By living in the past and being lost in the haunted forest, I was repeating exactly what they taught me. That realization was the crack of light I needed in the darkness I created. That sudden awakening made me see the brilliance of my existence and embrace my divinity. “I am that I am,” I said, and I felt the lioness within me waking up and roaring loudly. I was ready to move on and leave my abusive past behind by becoming the best version of myself.

As a Karmic Resolution Facilitator, I started working with my past lives to resolve this karmic pattern that has followed me across lifetimes. I also started introducing other modalities such as shadow work, inner child healing, and reparenting. Everything was beautifully working for my highest good!

That was the beginning of a beautiful journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love.  I embrace it as it is. One step at a time, I found the treasure in the haunted forest.  Within two years, I changed my story. From a victim to a survivor. From a survivor to a thriving woman. From an abused adoptee to an empowered woman. And along the way, I have helped others who have been going through their own turmoil with their adoption story but also surviving abuse.

Meet the Author - Luna Dawn

Hi, I'm Luna Dawn.

I am a Karmic Resolution Facilitator and a Karmic Light Code Artist. I will assist you in resolving the core of your trauma, limiting beliefs, and learned behaviors that follow you from your past lives to this lifetime with the wisdom of Tarot Cards and Past Life Regression. 

By identifying which pattern from your past lives is constantly repeating from one lifetime to the next, I will guide you on how to properly work with that pattern in order to overcome it. My aspiration is to help you overcome your karmic debt, achieve your highest potential, and fulfill your soul's purpose by fully utilizing your soul's gifts.


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  • Denise Davies says:

    An empowering story of how going through adversity awakened you into finding your true purpose in Life….Healing yourself and now Healing others… what an Amazing Inspiration you are Luna. I have studied many modalities and your Karmic Healing looks like it really does go deep and beyond……Thank you

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Thanks for sharing that Denise. The way Luna writes about our human experience is really beautiful and often profound. xox

  • Barbara says:

    This is quite a story. So glad you discovered your true identity and now use your experience to heal others.

  • Your story is very inspiring , what a strong person you are.

  • Rachael says:

    Wow this is such an interesting and intense account of your trauma, it is easy to see why you’d turn to reparenting and other methods to help you go from an abused child to a strong, thriving adult. I am sure you are extremely proud of the progress you’ve made and it is so lovely to see that you use your skills to help others that need guidance.

    • Luna Dawn says:

      Thank you, beautiful! Yes, reparenting has helped me to nurture myself from both my feminine and masculine side by healing the mother and father trauma. I would not say “proud” but more like feeling at peace. Thank you again for your kind comment!

  • Gudrun Fritz says:

    I absolutely love how you found your awy out from the haunted forst – I cannot imagine the pain and suffering throughout your childhood – but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and how strong and full of light you are ! Thank you for being honest and raw and showing yourself and your light!

    • Karletta Marie says:

      Yes, I feel the same. It’s not easy for everyone to share their story – especially when it comes to family. Thank you for your beautiful words to Luna. You too are a light bearer. xo

    • Luna Dawn says:

      Thank you, love! I was afraid of the emotional, physical, emotional, and spiritual scars and how I show up to people. But yes! What does not kill you makes you stronger!

  • Sarupa Shah says:

    Wow – what a journey you have been on which has led you to offer the amazing work that you do!

    • Luna Dawn says:

      Thank you so much for seeing me, beautiful! I am happy to be here to support others on their path too. Everything was meant to be exactly where I am today!

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