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Karletta Marie | Stories | My Inspired Life

Collection of Stories & Quotes by Karletta Marie Promise of a Peach Blossom | Inspiring Life Lesson from My Garden | Inspiring Story #58 Don’t Wait to Live a Life You Love| Inspiring Story #66 Afraid to Dance | A Story About Creativity & Vulnerability | Inspiring Story #51 “You’d Be Pretty Without Those Scars” […]


Creating Your Inspired Lifestyle

This simple exercise was part of the self-discovery work that led me to live this beautiful life I now enjoy. An inspired life. A life I call Living Rich – without needing to be rich 🌸


A Love Letter from My Husband | Inspiring Story #21

​Love Letter from My Husband25 Years Ago I Married My Best Friend. Don’t be afraid of the “friend-zone”He was my best friend.  We told each other everything.  I knew his secrets.  He knew mine.  We fell in love. My father and I fought about him. My sister-in-law (one of them) told me, “Be careful, he could have a […]


Death of A Stranger by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #1

Story of how the death of a young stranger in Helen’s Bay, Belfast, Northern Ireland, inspires a traveler to reflect on her precious gift of life.As my travel days in Northern Belfast, Ireland come to an end… I take my last walk on the water’s edge of Helen’s Bay and listen for the whispers hidden […]

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