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Be Inspired by The Simple Things In Life

Close your eyes … imagine the same divine power that causes the birds to sing, the pines to sway and the branches to swing … Imagine that same divine power that sustains all life, sustaining you. Every single breath you take, a gift … The word “Inspire” comes from the Latin inspirare (“to breathe or blow into”), […]


Look for the Beauty Around You

We experience and perceive our world through our core senses – what we see, listen to, smell, touch, taste. Whatever it is you’re taking in through your senses are influencing your thoughts and feelings … right now. And right now, more than ever we need to be conscious of this and monitor what we are allowing […]


Don’t Wait to Live a Life You Love | Inspiring Story #66

  Life is precious, life is fleeting. Make the most of your moments while you’re here  ~ Karletta MarieI was called to take a detour through the cemetery this morning.  An old man, grey hair sprouting from under his cap sits in silence staring at a grave in front of him. I wonder who it is […]


Afraid to Dance | A Story About Creativity & Vulnerability | Inspiring Story #51

Brené Brown says, “There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity.  Be inspired by those who are bravely vulnerable to share their creativity with others …She raised her hands above her head, she thrust her bosom forward, a stamp on the ground then a swirl around … I watched that Macedonian woman dance free.  I didn’t understand […]


“You’d Be Pretty Without Those Scars” by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #49

Short story about discovering what true beauty really means …   JOIN The scent of nail varnish, L’Oreal shampoo and hair dye settle in my nostrils.  The mirror clad walls reflect soft down-lights on ivory coloured tiles, and I hear Mariah Carey’s,  “I don’t wanna cry” playing in the background.   I’m draped in an unflattering […]


Karletta Marie | Stories | My Inspired Life

Collection of Stories & Quotes by Karletta Marie Baba Returns to Cyprus | A Father’s Journey Completed by his Son by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #105 Mystery Package Takes Me To South Africa by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #6 You’re a Flippin’ Miracle | Quote by Karletta Marie Find Strength in Your Ancestral […]


Stories Help You Live Your Best Life | Daily Inspired Life

In this video I share some of the ways stories can help you live your best life Your best possible life will emerge, only after you know exactly how you want to live.  Delving into past, present and future stories –  your stories and the stories of others, can guide you in your quest to […]


A Love Letter from My Husband | Inspiring Story #21

​Love Letter from My Husband25 Years Ago I Married My Best Friend. Don’t be afraid of the “friend-zone”He was my best friend.  We told each other everything.  I knew his secrets.  He knew mine.  We fell in love. My father and I fought about him. My sister-in-law (one of them) told me, “Be careful, he could have a […]

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