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Inspiring Movies Based on True Stories


Inspiring Movies Based On True Stories





A brilliant doctor from the Congo takes a job in a rural French village, where he and his family work to win over the less-than-welcoming locals.  The African Doctor is a French comedy-drama film based on the life of Seyolo Zantoko, the father of the musician Kamini. 

I laughed and learned so much from this movie. It was not only highly entertaining but highlighted important life lessons ... 

  • I was inspired by the sacrifice parents will make to ensure their children are given the best opportunity in life. 
  • I saw just how deep the conditioning and predjuice goes toward black people.  What they have endured is remarkable.   I drew hope from the story, that all black people will be treated with equality, respect and honour as they should be.  

  • The movie teaches us the power of persistence and not giving up on our dreams...  as well as the importance of support and community to bring in needed change.  

We can all be part of the change.  



Inspired by a true story, an attorney uncovers a dark secret connecting a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the worlds largest corporations.   If you've ever used a Teflon covered pan you'll want to watch this movie.  

I found this movie inspiring because ... 

  • There are everyday people in this world willing to stand-up for the "little people" despite huge opposition and great risk to themselves.

  • The movie teaches us the power of persistence, not giving up.  For the right cause, we continue...  holding on to hope.

  • Through personal narratives and real life stories the truth can be told.  The story of the people must be heard.  The fact that this movie was created, uncovering corruption within a massive corporation gives me hope.   My question is why hasn't more people seen this movie? 


 A Street Cat Named Bob is the uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship between a recovering drug addict on the streets of Covent Garden and the ginger cat who adopts him and helps him heal his life.

You'll love this movie because ... 

  • The movie takes us into the life of a drug addict and what it really takes to recover (You'll have more empathy, compassion and understanding after watching this film)

  • Shows the real life affects of drug addiction ... I hope that one young person watching this film will be guided away from taking drugs and having to face the same challenges James Bowen did.

  • It shows us that no matter how bleak a situation is, there is always a way through - sometimes we just need a little help and guidance out.   

  • The movie shows animals can be great healers and comforters during times of struggle.  

  • Everyone needs to be a given a go, given the opportunity to rise up above their circumstances.  We do our part by showing love, empathy and compassion to others.

  • The movie is real demonstration of the power of sharing your story. 


Inspiring True Stories

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Harriet is an inspiring true story based on the life and works of  an exceptional black woman, Harriet Tubman.   

Harriet Tubman was the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading over 70 enslaved people to freedom.  During the Civil War, Harriet became a spy for the Union Army.  She led 150 black soldiers in the Combabee River Raid, free over 750 enslaved people.  Harriet remains one of the few women in U.S. history to lead an armed expedition.

She dedicated her life to helping freed slaves, the elderly and Women’s Suffrage.  

Here's what you'll learn from watching this movie ... 

  • There is great cause for the The Black Lives Matter movement.  The issue of equality has been fought for centuries and we all play a part.   Learning the true stories of black lives helps us open our minds and hearts to the experience of others, instead of denying an issue that has been ignored for too long.
  • Women are powerful leaders, strong and compassionate. The world needs more feminine leadership.  

  • Throughout history, there have always been people who will stand up to make a change, to make a difference.  Some willing to risk their lives on behalf of others.

  • Never take your freedom for granted.  Many have fought for their freedom.  Many have lost their lives.  


Inspiring True Stories

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Freedom Writers is based on the book 'The Freedom Writers Diary' .  The book was created by teacher Erin Gruwell and her teenage students who compiled real diary entries about growing up in Long Beach, California. 

Here's what you'll learn from watching this movie ... 

  • One of the most powerful of human needs is to be seen and heard.    When we truly see another person, when we listen to their story without judgement,  we offer a  gift to that person - we tell them they are valued, that their life matters.  
  • The person we see on the outside does not always reflect their true heart.  We need to grow in  empathy, love and consideration of what others are experiencing in their lives.
  • Shows the real stories of teenagers who were born into a life filled with the struggle to survive.  
  • The sharing of stories is a powerful way to build understanding and empathy across humans of different race, generations and background.
  • There is always hope.  No matter what is going on in our world, there is always hope for a better future.   Though people may put us down, there are always those that are there to raise us up and support us through struggle. 


Inspiring True Stories

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This movie is inspired by the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.   In a male dominated institution, Ruth earns her Harvard law degree, 1st in her class.

Throughout her career she faces discrimination based on her gender enduring comments like . "Women are too emotional to be lawyers."   "You'll be too busy at bake sales to be effective."   "Sorry, our wives will get jealous if we hire you."

Ruth brings a groundbreaking case to the U.S. court of appeals that overturns a century of gender discrimination.  She now serves as an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

This story is a powerful reminder of how far we've come.  Times have been changing slowly ... but they are changing.  

In addition to an informative and entertaining lesson about gender discrimination you'll also learn much about reaching goals and going for your dreams.    Here's some of my own take-aways ... 

  • Just because existing authorities tell you something is impossible, doesn't make it so. 
  • If you want to affect change in society, you'll need to step out front and be willing to get uncomfortable.  
  • If we choose to work hard to achieve our goals, take time to nurture important relationships and seek support from those you love and trust.
  • Never take the rights I already have as a woman for granted.  These rights have been fought for over one hundred years.   Keep seeking equality for all human beings.  
  • Never give up on an important dream.   What you do can affect thousands.  

I would love to know your thoughts on the movie.   



the boy who harnessed the wind

Image:  Netflix

Brilliant movie, based on a true story  about a 13 year old boy, William Kamkwamba from Malawi.  William, with the aid of a science book he discovers in the school library,  finds a way to save his entire village from perishing by famine.   

This is a remarkable story that will touch your heart and teach you many lessons along the way.

  • The power of finding a way, when it appears there is no way
  • Learning to seek and ask for help when we need it
  • Accepting that when you set out to achieve something remarkable,  you'll find supporters along the way, while others may mock and ridicule
  • The innocent wisdom and tenacity found in youth - just because someone is young we shouldn't overlook their opinions and ideas
  • Sometimes it only takes one person to believe for an entire population to benefit.  Shine your light and it will ripple out. 

I could keep sharing  more.   I haven't yet mentioned the beauty of the cinematography and the lessons shared from another culture in a world different to mine.   

I would love to know your thoughts on the movie.   It's available on Netflix.
Please share your thoughts in the comments below .. 


Inspiring True Stories

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