Don't Wait to Live a Life You Love | Inspiring Story #66 -

Don’t Wait to Live a Life You Love | Inspiring Story #66

  Life is precious, life is fleeting. Make the most of your moments while you're here  ~ Karletta Marie

I was called to take a detour through the cemetery this morning.  An old man, grey hair sprouting from under his cap sits in silence staring at a grave in front of him. I wonder who it is he mourns. He doesn't notice I'm there, so I bow my head and keep walking the path lined with headstones ...

A beloved father and grandfather, ninety-five years old lays to rest. Another woman, thirty-three years old ...  another man, fifty ... a man too young, twenty-four ... a baby less than twelve months, her grave adorned with flowers and a small doll.

I stop, raise my eyes to the sky to honor their precious lives

A bird chirps overhead and I look past the oleanders and out to the sea where my mind wanders across the waters.

No matter who we are, what we have achieved, or how much money or how many material possessions we possess,  we cannot escape death.

Life is too precious, too fleeting to waste time doing something you dread everyday. Sometimes circumstances are inherited or passed down from previous generations, or they may slowly creep-up upon us taking over our lives ...

Many of us can still choose a life we love .  Yes there are struggles, yes we may have to do things different, walk a different path. The question is, are we willing to?

If there is a dark cloud that hangs over some thing that is a constant in your life, will you change it? Do you dread your morning routine? Do you dread going to work?   Do you dread (fill in the gap) __________?

For as long as I'm able, I choose a path of doing less, while BEING more. It's not a popular path, I've discovered.

The majority of society say, "Work harder, push more, meet the deadline, go go go. Busy, busy busy... Do more, get more, be more, be better, do the challenge, get to the top!"

But why? At the sacrifice of what? A purposely eaten meal made with hands of love, a heart-felt conversation with a child, a song heard so deeply you cry, a smile from a stranger, the perfume of a rose?

Today, I reaffirm my choice to live for those moments.   I'm walking a different path; the same path of inspired living that led me into this cemetery to receive this lesson I needed to hear today.

Perhaps you needed to hear this lesson too?

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  • Ina says:

    Wow ! That’s a beautiful post with beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this! I’ve really spent the extra time at home realizing how I want to spend my time and what’s truly important to me. There are things, like my morning routine, that I used to rush through that have now become one of my favorite parts of my day.

  • Priyanka says:

    Motivating… I agree and believe in living in the moment. Loved the way you explained whole thing.

  • Sonia says:

    I’ve commented on one of your previous posts which I found very inspiring. However, I must admit that this one spoke to me really loudly. Not only did I need to read this, but I also found your words very calming and reassuring. Yes, the work we live in certainly doesn’t want us to show down to enjoy our lives more. I admire you for that and really enjoyed reading through this post, as I could feel every word you wrote. I often debate with myself, thinking whether I’d be able to get out of the rat race…’s a long process. And I think it’s also important to enjoy it with someone else. Wish you all the best.

  • Samy says:

    One word for this post- fire! Beautifully written with so much passion

  • Maria Black says:

    Yes, I definitely needed to hear this message today <3 Thanks for sharing!

  • Nat says:

    This is so inspiring. A different perspective towards life.

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