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Village Boy Finds a Way then Pays It Forward | By Nawaz Khan | Inspiring Story #109

A boy from a poor family in a small village travels to the city to get a job to pay for his education. There a strange man approaches with an offer the boy is both afraid to accept, but can’t refuse.

Be inspired by Nawaz’s remarkable story as he works through his fears, embraces opportunities and ultimately passes on the gift he was given to others in his village.

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My Ted | Story about Adoption Hurt & Healing by Simon Benn | Inspiring Story #102

Simon didn’t think he had any issue with being adopted.  That was until he found out his childhood teddy bear had been a gift from his birth mother …  I never knew I had an issue with being adopted.   That was until my 40th birthday.  That evening my parents arrived to take my wife and I out […]

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