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Mystery Package Takes Me To South Africa by Karletta Marie | Inspiring Story #6

A true story of the mystery package that inspires a young Australian girl to travel  to South Africa and create her true freedom-to-travel lifestyle.

35 years ago, a mystery package arrived in our mailbox. It was a big, rectangular, yellow-golden envelope, and I could feel the soft, spongy bubble wrap inside. The name on the front was written in shaky handwriting. I had to check twice to make sure it was my name on the label!

"Yes! It was for me!" I looked at the postmark. It said "WA". My package had travelled all the way from the other side of Australia. How exciting! It was from my beloved Nanna. I had hardly met this old woman in person, but I loved her dearly. She would send me letters laced with lavender perfume along with photographs of herself so I would never forget her - and I never did.

As I hurriedly tore the big envelope open, I was oblivious to how much this surprise package would play in inspiring a young girl's heart to know the world and its amazing people.

Inside the package, I could see the cover of a massive scrapbook made as thick as a novel. I pulled it from the bubble wrap and started to leaf through its pages. In an instant, I was hooked, captivated. Each page had been lovingly filled, jam-packed with intriguing pictures of different people and places from around the world. Each picture had been carefully cut out from a magazine or book with the caption left on.

Back then, there was no YouTube, Google, or Wikipedia. I didn't have a computer, and what the heck was the Internet? My Nanna didn't have a lot of money for expensive gifts either, but she did have a big heart with a lot of love for me.  Did she ever know that each time I leafed through her scrapbook, she took me to faraway places I'd never imagined?

Did she ever know that each time I leafed through her scrapbook, she took me to faraway places I'd never imagined?

My eyes opened wide as exotic people and places enthralled me. I saw Thai dancers with beautiful golden tiaras. I saw the Amazon jungle and many amazing colourful birds. I read about the tribal people of Africa with their faces painted and chunky jewellery. I saw English rose gardens, the Grand Canyon, and many fascinating animals - springbok, giraffe, bears, deer, and lion. I was fascinated and delighted.

Sadly, within 5 years of that package arriving, my Nanna passed away, but her legacy never did. Suddenly, I got no more letters or packages from her, but still, her memory continued as I looked through her scrapbook.

And today, all these years later, I especially remember my Nanna, and I say thank you to her for lighting the fire of curiosity that lived inside of me.

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I have just returned from my first trip to South Africa where I went on my first ever African Safari. While we rode out at sunrise, I thought of my Nanna constantly and how, all those years ago, she inspired me to look for and love the many varieties and differences found in the world around us.

As I watched great families of elephants, lions and springboks and met and talked with the local people, my mind constantly flashed back to my Nanna and that old scrapbook.

"Hey Nanna", I said to myself with a little tear in my eye. "I just saw a springbok! I made it to South Africa, Nanna."

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  • Jess says:

    What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I have never been to South Africa but it’s on my list!

  • Michaela says:

    Aww that’s such a lovely story, I’ve got goosebumps now! Handmade presents are the best kind of presents, look how happy it made you and how it’s changed your life 😉 PS: I loooove scrapbooks!

  • Val says:

    Such a heartwarming story! Your nanna should have been an amazing person! You made it to South Africa too, how great! Keep travelling!

  • Sarah says:

    That’s a lovely story. Your Nanna would be so proud of you. Would love to know more about your trip to South Africa!

  • Katie says:

    What a beautiful story of inspiration! I love that your Nanna went to all that trouble – truly wonderful that you can go and see the things she scrapbooked!

    • kdadmin says:

      Thank you Katie. I feel my “Daily Inspired Life” is a testament to her. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

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