The Story of Flotinya | How a Small Flower Radiates Big Love | By Alayana | Inspiring Story #123

The Story of Flotinya | How a Small Flower Radiates Big Love | By Alayana | Inspiring Story #123

This is the story of a tiny yellow flower expressing herself willfully, reaching out to the Universe, wanting to share her Beauty, her Light and her Love for All...

This morning,

Being out there

In Nature

For my daily walk

I am Blessed with

A Meaningful Encounter

Oh, you couldn't guess...

Neither was I

To suspect

Such a Sacred Meeting

In between blades of grass

Hidden in this sea of greens

As I am crossing

This huge soccer field

Looking for Beauty

All around, as always

I pass by a tiny yellow flower

Barely noticed from the corner of my eye

Insignificant, I could have thought...

Before hearing

The Calling of my name

Alain, Alainnnnn

Stopping me in my steps

Forcing me to backtrack

Intuitively, I understood...

This tiny yellow flower

Had seen an Opportunity

She couldn't let pass her by

She had to seize Now

If she were to come out of the shadow

Back there, face to face

With this minute Beauty

A quarter of an inch in diameter, at most

Hard to even see from my standing place

Almost lost, but not quite

In this vast ocean of lawn

Spontaneously, she Greets me

Introducing herself as


The Tiny Yellow Flower

With a Gargantuan Will

To Better Her World

Alain, I Am Beautiful

Don't you think?

I Am Enough

I Deserve to Be Seen

I Want to Make a Difference

To Brighten My Universe

I Reached out to you, Alain

I thought you could Help me

Would you?

Take my picture

For people to see

As you Tell My Story

Would you, Alain?

Oh, how could I not, Dear Flotinya

You are Absolutely Beautiful

And, though you are minuscule

You are Not Insignificant

Your Powerful Intention

Truly, Transforms Your Reality

I took a first picture

From my waist level

Then, zoomed in

Four times closer

Finally kneeling in front of her

For still a more defined view...

Flotinya in all of her Beauty

Out to the whole Universe

To Observe and See

To Be Enlightened

To Be Taught even

Such a Powerful Lesson...

None is ever too small

To Be a Catalyst for Transformation

To Deeply and Kindly Touch

Those with an open mind

A Desire to Understand

To Grow and to Learn

At first, Self-Love is Our Power

Recognizing Our Own Beauty

Our Gifts, Our Talents

And, Our Willingness

To Use All That We Are

For the Greatest Good of All

Then, Life Brings about Opportunities

For us to Grasp

Leading us from Darkness to Light

So We can Be all We can Be...

Like Flotinya,

We need to Seize them in the moment

The Lesson for us Now is...

Believe in yourself

You are Enough

Perfect, Exactly as you are

You have so much to Offer

You Make a Difference

Co-Creator of a Better Place to Live

Remember... you are your worst enemy

You define your own limitations

It is Now time to Let Go of

Doubts, fears, negativity, self-sabotage

Time to Become Your Greatest Fan

You can do it! You've got this!

Be like Flotinya

Reach out for Help

Surround yourself with Supporters

Know Your Value

Follow Your Heart

Jump on the Opportunity

Show Your Beauty

Shine Your Light

Share Your Love

Sing Your Song

Spread Joy and Happiness

Hope and Peace

In the end,

Flotinya asks me

Well, she asks you all

She dares you even, if you will

To play your part

In Sharing Her Message, Her Story

It may Make a Difference...

Help, Support, Touch and Transform others

As it may have you and me

Follow Your Heart

Do as it Feels Best from within

For All is Well, always!

Thank You Flotinya

For Calling upon me

For Connecting with me

For Speaking Your Truth

Making Your Voice Heard

For all who desire!

Infinite Gratitude

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Meet Alayana

I am a Healer, a Mystic, a Spiritual Life Coach, an Ascension Guide!

I was committed to myself... to finding the Truth about Who I was under all of the "masks".

It also looked like I was determined to Transcend all Limitations hindering me.

Later, hearing about the Ascension of Beloved Mother Gaïa and all of Humanity, I chose to benefit from these Transitional Times to make My Own Ascension in this Incarnation and Dedicated myself to the Sacred Inner Work needed to Manifest this as a reality.

But, never has it been about myself alone... I was clear about my will to Be a Living Example, an Inspiration, a Mentor for all of My Universal Brothers and Sisters who would so Choose.

I walked the path and still am here now as we navigate through these chaotic times!


Connect with Alayana here:

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  • I Love this – it touches my soul! We are often looking for more, seeking something beyond, creating complexities for ourselves, when the simplicity of “all that is” are very often there, staring us in the face – perhaps if we pause, tune into our surroundings, allow, awaken up to “what is”, the magic happens.

  • Windy says:

    This is such a beautiful story! It flowed like a poem and I love that

  • What a pretty little story almost like a poem. It has a nice sentiment and was refreshing to read something light and full of energy.

  • Anna says:

    Beautiful story in a very interesting form. Yes, we all should be like Flotinya 🙂

  • Sonia says:

    Lovely story. As many say here without functional communication no beings can create something beautiful and meaningful. It was refreshing to read this and I look forward to more stories like this one.

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